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150 Business Challenge Update: Women-Owned Business Program From ES & WIT Surpasses Major Milestone

Expediter Services, a leader in capacity solutions and ownership opportunities within the trucking industry, is pleased to announce that the company’s collaborative program with the Women In Trucking Association to create 150 women-owned businesses in transportation recently reached a major milestone. The 150 Business Challenge, which was launched in November of 2017, marked its third anniversary by having helped more than 100 new women-owned business get their respective starts within the trucking industry. Today, the total number of businesses launched through the 150 Business Challenge now stands at 105.

“When we partnered with Expediter Services (ES) three years ago to launch the 150 Business Challenge, we were so excited and that enthusiasm continues to this day. Through this program, ES has helped aspiring women entrepreneurs by removing some of the most trying obstacles when it comes to starting a business in trucking,” said Ellen Voie, President & CEO of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT).

The 150 Business Challenge follows the proven working model that ES utilizes in offering truck ownership opportunities and assisting the program participants in establishing profitable small businesses through a variety of support mechanisms found within the ES Community. Professional drivers interested in the ES truck ownership programs, like the 150 Business Challenge, go through a screening and qualification process, including an evaluation period.

In addition to looking at work history, it is during the evaluation period program that participants are given the opportunity by ES to demonstrate their attitude, their aptitude and their work ethic. The company’s process for qualifying truck ownership program participants is unique because it places a greater emphasis on a driver’s work history over a traditional credit score. ES offers qualified participants competitive, market-rate financing for professional drivers seeking to own trucks from the leading equipment brands in the industry.

“We know what it means to push through a hard time in order to get ahead,” said ES President Jason Williams. “Over the years as we have developed our programs, we took note of the hurdles women have faced in trucking from a financial standpoint when looking to start a business, and that was part of our inspiration as we started the 150 Business Challenge three years ago. We believe in helping people and allowing them to make the most of an opportunity.”

“The 150 Business Challenge has become a platform for success because ES offers women more than the opportunity to buy a new truck. This is a truly comprehensive program that delivers access to the support that business owners need to prosper and grow”
~ Ellen Voie

The Business 150 Challenge provides participants the opportunity to drive as an owner-operator for one of the partner carriers in the ES Community. Members of the 150 Business Challenge are now a part of the fleets at FedEx Custom Critical, Forward Air and Panther Premium Logistics, a service of ArcBest. As part of the additional support that is available, ES also provides program participants access to a complete set of services and discounts through the ES Community that cover the key areas of fuel, maintenance, insurance and back-office support. Other services and discounts are also available through the ES Community.

“The 150 Business Challenge has become a platform for success because ES offers women more than the opportunity to buy a new truck. This is a truly comprehensive program that delivers access to the support that business owners need to prosper and grow,” said Ellen. “ES has done an amazing job with 150 Business Challenge, and we’re looking forward to seeing the next steps this program will take in 2021.”

Long before the collaboration with WIT on the 150 Business Challenge, ES had established a reputation in the industry for opening doors for women who are seeking to become business owners in trucking. Today, the number of women within the ES Community who are fleet owners, owner-operators or independent contract drivers involved in the programs offered by the company now exceeds 38 percent of the ES fleet.

Looking specifically at results from the 150 Business Challenge, the small businesses that have been established through this program have developed a solid track record of success and growth. According to officials at ES, this group of small businesses started through the 150 Business Challenge are generating a combined revenue total well in excess of $2 million per month.

“One of the most rewarding parts of the 150 Business Challenge for our team at ES has been the opportunity to work with the great people we get to welcome into the program. We have really enjoyed working with new entrepreneurs and watching these small businesses get started, achieve success and grow,” said Jason. “Obviously, everyone in business has faced some unique headwinds in 2020. We are grateful to be able to serve as a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to find their success in trucking. We are looking forward to welcoming the 150th business started through the 150 Business Challenge during 2021.”

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