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Congratulations on becoming part of the ES Community! As you have seen and heard, You NEVER STAND ALONE with ES. Part of our commitment at ES to walk with you on your journey in trucking can be seen in the dedicated resources ES has put into place for new members of the ES Community. If you haven’t met him already, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Allen Fisher. We have asked Allen to serve as a primary point of contact for the independent contract drivers and owner-operators joining the ES Community. To help you get to know Allen a little better, we have started a new series of podcasts featuring Allen, who will be addressing key areas of interest for trucking professionals who have joined the ES Community.

Episode 1: Meet Allen Fisher: A Resource For Answering Your Questions

In our debut episode, we’ll learn how Allen Fisher works to provide support and stand with the independent contract drivers and owner-operators coming into the ES Community. As you’ll hear, Allen serves as a key point of contact during the first 90 to 120 days for the trucking professionals joining the ES Community. As Allen shares on this podcast, he is part of the commitment to make sure from DAY ONE that you Never Stand Alone with ES.

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