How Do I Do Better

Our Goal: To Deliver Stable and Professional Service Oriented Capacity

padriaca prude and cindy chau

In order to achieve this goal, Expediter Services has developed a multi-tiered email awareness campaign in response to drivers and owners questioning “How Do I Do Better?”.

how do i do betterThe campaign will cover a broad range of topics all the way from corporate branding standards to personal grooming habits, driving home the message that adhering to high standards on all levels leads to greater profitability, job security and personal satisfaction.

The “How Do I Do Better?” campaign broaches the subject matter from a first-person perspective, answering questions that are being driven by the fleet. We believe this approach will get the message across in a direct, yet non-offensive manner.

Below is a schedule of topics to address these important branding issues to be sent out over the course of several weeks

TOPIC 1 – How to get started
  • Decide and Commit
    • Make a good educated decision about where you’re going.
    • Commit to the decision.  Commitment will get you through some bad days.
    • Don’t change directions with every whim.  Stay the course.
TOPIC 2 – You must identify who the customer is and never forget it
  • What are their needs
    • Meeting their service standards
    • Growth/Market Shares
  • How are you going to meet those needs
    • Servicing your customer
    • Servicing their customer
  • What are their hot buttons
    • Service failures
    • Diminishing their Brand
    • How are you going to never touch their hot buttons
TOPIC 3 – How to promote your business
  • Why is branding important
    • Yours and your customer’s
  • Setting a standard and keeping it
    • Do what you say you will do
  • Find a way to deliver more than the customer is expecting
    • This goes beyond servicing their basic needs and moves towards setting yourself apart
      • Special endorsements (Hazmat, Passports, DOD etc)
      • Exceed their service standards, so they see you as invaluable to their brand
    • Set a tone that makes it easy for all parties to do business
      • Your attitude will affect your business as much or more than your abilities
      • Don’t sweat the small stuff so you are heard on the big stuff
TOPIC 4 – Never take unnecessary risks
What is the goal of this campaign?

The goal of the “How Do I Do Better?” campaign is to instill in drivers and owners that the way to promote themselves and their business is to service the carrier.