Expediter Services Timeline


New Service

Strengthening the Base

Expansion of Present





Industry Research-OOIDA Presentation


Retention Focus-Stay Metrics implemented 4th quarter 2016

Land Line Magazine and OOIDA – 4th quarter 2016


New Carriers-deBoer-Presentation made
November 29th, 2016


Tony’s Insight 12/4/16
  • Continental
  • New Relation ship required to market


Legal Review-Team put together February 2017

Legal Review-Information forwarded February 2017

Safety Training-Presented as pain point by carriers Februarv 2017

Red Eve Radio-February 2017

Meetings with Pinnacle started in earnest February 2017

Industry Research-questionaire sent out by Randel Reilly 2/13/17 February 2017

MARCH 2017

Legal Review-Meeting Held 3/16/17

Existing Carriers-FDCC-Made a presentation to about 20 managers 3/21/17

APRIL 2017

New Carriers-PTL-conversation started in April 2017

New Carriers-Fusion-Presentation made-April

New Carriers-deboer-1st trucks went to work in April 2017

Randell Reilly – April 2017

CDL Consultants-Paul. Jason. and Toney met in Chicago with CDL to talk strategy 4/18/17

Patent-Conversation started 4/19/17

Existing Carriers-Panther-Made presentation of new offerings 4/19/17

New Carriers-AllState-Presented around 4/19/17

Existing Carriers-Panther-Discussion about entire fleet 4/26/17

RedOx-Conceptualized relationship with Sam Chafetz. David Broeme, Tony Dennis. and Jason wiliams 4/28/17

MAY 2017

New Carriers-Fusion-Presentation made-May

Patent-Info given 5/9/17

RedOx=Formed b/10/17

New Carriers-PTL-EGG conference on May

12-13-2017 with Mike welch as guest speaker

New Carriers-PTL-EGG conference on May
12-13-2017 with Mike welch as guest speaker

Existing Carriers-Panther-1st discussion
about lease purchase 5/15/17

Truck Suppliers-meetings began with truck
suppliers 5/19/17

Lease Purchase documents created 5/22/17
by Pinnacle Bank

JUNE 2017

Stevens makes contact via Pinnacle on 6/15/17

Patent applied for 6/26/17

RedOx-Operating agreement signed by CDL
consultants and ES 6/29/17

Existing Carriers-FDCC-ES taking the lead in
litigation with FCC for WC issues at the end
Of June 2017… for the first time

JULY 2017

New Carriers-AIl State-3 lease purchases
converted in July

New Carriers-PTL-Meetinas held throughout
July on how to bring new and existing O/O’s
under ES

Diamler meeting with Joe Risberg and Greg
Lewis in Indianapolis 7/10/17

Existing Carriers-Panther-Discussion about
entire fleet 7/11/17

Existina Carriers-Panther-Discussion about
entire fleet 7/12/17

Existing Carriers-FDCC- Asked to sit down
with VP of Ops and Ops Manager 7/12/17

Existing Carriers-FICC-Existing O/O’S
introduced to us by FDCC on 7/12/17
for the first time (4 star)

Existing Carriers-Panther-Discussion about
entire fleet 7/13/17

Work Hound introduced 7/14/17

New Carriers-All State-1st ES truck in place

RedOx-Sebrite agreement with Redox
finalized 7/20/17

Industry Research-research group in
discussions, started 7/20/17

Tony stands up GL and BOE 7/21/17

New Carriers-PTL-1st truck on at the end
of July


Work Hound-implementation started August 2017
PTO website support and development
started August 2017

Safety Training-Program identified and
Implemented. Began 8/1/17

1st meeting with Stevens 8/2/17

Contract changes implemented 8/7/17
RedOx-Marketing started 8/8/17
(Tony’s ex agents)

Direct calls-8/8/17 (Tony’s ex agents)

2nd meeting with Stevens 8/14/17

3rd meeting with Stevens 8/14/17

New Carriers-deBoer-Now looking how to
generate O/O’S

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