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The ability to offer customers reliable capacity is a foundational element for carriers in all modes of transportation. In an era where every penny of operating costs is understandably scrutinized, it’s possible that more company-owned fleets with professional driver employees may consider utilizing asset-light capacity options to meet customer demand.

Led by the innovative approaches taken by Expediter Services in working with the top expedited transportation carriers for more than a decade, the ES and the Success In Trucking team have proven to be a reliable and trusted resource for carriers. As we broaden our scope to develop owner-operator capacity solutions available to carriers across the industry, we are confident that we provide solutions to help you succeed in this transition.

At ES, our focus is to generate stable capacity for the carriers working with us. If you have an interest in moving to more of an owner-operator/asset-light model, we have the experience, the resources and the proven track record to deliver cost savings to your bottom line.  The approach in place by the ES and the Success In Trucking team to offer OTR teams opportunities for ownership is truly unique to the trucking industry. 

For carriers willing to consider additional opportunities beyond lease-purchase programs to offer ownership and independent contracting opportunities to company drivers, ES can serve as a valued resource in reducing your level of owned assets. This type of conversion also has the potential to increase your amount of overall capacity, which would be driven by professional drivers with an ownership stake in their future.

Staying Ahead of the Generational Shift in Trucking

Numerous studies devoted to the driver shortage to the fact that the overall population of professional drivers is aging at an alarming rate. The numbers are rising as more drivers from the Baby Boomer Generation reach retirement age but continue to drive. The challenge for carriers in all sectors of the industry is to find ways to bring younger drivers into the OTR segment of trucking.

ES is focused on developing a pipeline of new and younger drivers into the industry through our PTO (Path To Ownership) platforms. We have programs in place that can introduce new drivers to trucking by connecting Class B license holders to opportunities with straight trucks.

Once these professionals have proven to be reliable and safe drivers, they are in a strong position to pursue their Class A CDLs, opening up a wide range of opportunities in the industry. ES also features a Tractors In Expediting program, which offers a host of experiences in the industry and allows participants to deeply test the waters. If someone in our Tractors In Expediting program expresses a desire to work as a team owner-operator for an OTR fleet, the experienced professionals at ES can help the team find the carrier that is the best fit.

Next Steps with Fleet Program Development

As the ES and the Success In Trucking team move forward in the coming weeks and months, we will be presenting more information related to the operational cost savings potential found within team fleet conversions through our program. ES has been examining the current landscape for capacity and the costs involved for fleets. We will be presenting alternatives to the current cost models – including the use of owner-operator conversions within a team operation.

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