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At ES Advantage, our goal is to be a resource for owner-operators and fleet owners. Whether it is through industry leading discounts on fuel, shop, and tires, our insurance provider network, or sharing insights on the latest industry news that impacts your business, know that with ES Advantage by your side, you will NEVER STAND ALONE. To learn more about our services call 888-566-9877.

  • IFTA Reporting with ES Advantage

    Filing quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement, otherwise known as IFTA reports, is a much easier process than it used to be and thanks to modern fleet tools, like telematics and the ES Advantage app, tracking your fuel and miles has never been easier. As we get closer to the end of Q2, we wanted to […]


  • Contractor Success With The Contractor’s Corner Team

    Making the leap from company driver to a contractor is a major decision. Each year countless drivers put all their chips on the table and roll the dice. While many are successful, some are not. In a recent conversation with Jeff Morton and Charley Mahon, the co-founders of Contractor’s Corner, we discussed some of the […]


  • Stacking The Deck in Your Favor as An Owner-Operator

    Success in trucking can only truly be defined by the person behind the wheel. For some, simply starting their own business and having the freedom to pick and choose when and where to run is the pinnacle of success. For others, building and growing their own fleet and business is the ultimate goal. Regardless of […]


  • Outsourcing with ES Advantage – A Pathway to Success

    A recent conversation with Colton Lawrence, The Trucker CFO, highlighted the many challenges that owner-operators and fleet owners face, and the importance of surrounding yourself with experts in different areas of business, including those with a financial background. The challenge is that those experts often come with a high price tag, something smaller fleets simply cannot […]


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