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Rewards that Owners and Contractors are Sure to Love

August 7, 2015

Expediter Services Love's Reward program
Expediter Services is excited to introduce a NEW rewards program negotiated with Love’s to provide Owners and Contractors the absolute cheapest fuel prices in the industry; along with some extra benefits to help make life on the road more comfortable.
The Love’s Rewards program took a year of negotiating and planning in order to achieve the level of benefits desired by Expediter Services. “Our goal here is to make sure our Contractors actually get the best and greatest advantages in the industry. Always, the Best of the Best!“, said Paul Williams, Expediter Services CEO.
Williams continues, “Love’s Rewards recipients can begin signing up as early as August 15th, 2015. The program was developed to run continuously and it will be monitored and updated quarterly. Our intention is for all of our participants to have access to the Road Best Traveled.”
Love’s Rewards recipients who sign up for the program between August 15 and September 30, 2015 will automatically receive Platinum status, with benefits to include:

  • 3 points per gallon for diesel fueled and bulk DEF.
  • 3 points per dollar spent on merchandise, driver services and tire care.
  • Free drink refills and showers on ever visit.

“Our new Love’s Rewards Program, either matches or exceeds all available reward options in the expedite industry. Expediter Services will continually strive to keep our Contractors at the forefront of expediting,” said Williams.[vc_column_text el_class=”viva_custom”]

Owners and Contractors are encouraged to register
for the new Rewards Program — here’s how:

  1. Register at My Love Rewards card, if you have not already done so. Simply pic up a card at your nearest Love’s Travel Stop and register at the in-store My Love Rewards kiosk, aon the Love’s Connect movie app or online at During registration, be sure to opt in to receive Special Offers available only for My Love Rewards members.
  2. Swipe your My Love Rewrds card with every Love’s purchase.
  3. You will begin to earn points and rewards within 72 hours of swiping your registered My Love Rewards card on a diesel fuel purchase.

PLUS: Check your Love’s receipt for ways to earn even more points and rewards.For those who are Rewards participants and do not receive Platinum status automatically, or if you have any question about My Love Rewards program, contact Love’s Customer Service at 1.800.OK.LOVES.
Participants can also sign up for Love’s Connect Mobile App on a phone or mobile device.
Click Here to download a PDF to learn more about the NEW Love’s Rewards program.

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We Can’t Wait to Meet You at the Expo

July 17, 2015

Expediter Services is once again delighted to be a part of the Expedite Expo 2015. This year, we continue our tradition of providing opportunities to expediters with tried-and-true programs designed to make Owner Operators, Independent Contractors and Fleet Owners more efficient, so You Never Stand Alone. In addition, we believe that if you can drive a truck, you can own a truck, and we’ll be on hand to assist those looking to purchase and/or finance a new truck with help from Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance.
Please look us up, Expediter Services is located in Booth D3 and visit our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot. We look forward to seeing you here!

What to Expect…

Expediter Truck SalesWith the largest and best inventory in the industry, Expediter Truck Sales can help you in finding the right truck for your application. We’re available on-site at the Expo (Booth D3) and at our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot to help you find a truck.


Meet Danny Vernon, New Truck Sales Manager

Expediter Truck Sales is excited to introduce Danny Vernon, our NEW Truck Sales Manager. He will be filling the shoes of Josh Swindoll, who has moved on to pursue other opportunities — and we wish him great success with his new career.
Danny brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position as Truck Sales Manager. He has over twenty-five years of experience in vehicle/equipment management and sales. His resume also includes hands-on knowledge of internet sales and finance.  Please visit him at our Booth (D3). He will also be attending the EGG at the Expo, so look him up. He’ll be glad to help you find the right truck for your application!

Partner with Expediter Services as an Owner Operator and Never Stand Alone

ES-Never-Stand-Alone-redExpediter Services – Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer
Expediter Services’ support programs apply to Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer drivers.
Owner Operators
At Expediter Services, Owner Operators can take advantage of our Owner Operator Program for back office support and savings on fuel, insurance and more. Learn more about the Owner Operator program here.
Independent Contractors
Expediter Services supports New and Experienced Drivers every step of the way with programs that can make you more productive. Learn more about the Independent Contract Driver program here. We’re available at Booth D3 to answer any questions you may have about our Owner Operator or Independent Contractor programs.

Come and see me at Booth D3! I’m always happy to help turn your dream of being an Owner Operator or Contract Driver into reality. Or let me show you the road to financial freedom as an Owner Operator. I look forward to seeing you here.


– Wade Roberts

Equipment Finance Can Help You Achieve Truck Ownership

PTO-logo-72Expediter Equipment Finance can help finance your truck, even if you’re a first-time buyer or a non-home owner. Our Path to Ownership lets your experience with Expediter Services play a key role in helping you get financed.
Expediter Equipment Finance Can Help You Buy a Truck

  • Do you have a desire to be an owner operator?
  • Do you have a good work & credit history but need down payment assistance?
  • First-time buyers & non-homeowners can qualify
  • Your work history can help secure financing
  • Market competitive rates

Don’t wait for the Expo, apply online now!

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Expo. Please stop by Booth D3 and our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot. I’m happy to answer any of your questions to help you get financed through Expediter Equipment Finance.


– Jeff Tacker

EGG-2015-0702The EGG at the Expo

Expediter Services is excited to host the 2nd annual EGG at the Expo,  Friday, July 24th!
The EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) is an opportunity for Expediters to meet, network and get to know each other. We believe in personal relationships, and want to learn about you, your business, and your hopes & dreams.
Register now for the EGG, its FREE!

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Two Teams. Four Stars. 1 Great Celebration.

July 9, 2015

The FedEx Custom Critical Four Star Award acknowledges the top independent contractors in their fleet who demonstrate a high standard of customer service, safety and efficiency. Expediter Services is proud to be a part of this celebration with the representation of two independent contractor teams from our own fleet who have been chosen for this year’s prestigious award. One team, Kenneth & Virginia Babcock, are veteran recipients, having been chosen for the award in 2013; as well as first-time award winners James Tucker and Elizabeth Johnson. Each team will attend the nearly week-long celebration located on Amelia Island, Florida, starting July 19th. Join us as we spotlight these two deserving teams. Congratulations everyone!
Kenneth & Virginia Babcock — Veterean Award Winners
“Being chosen again for the Four Star Award is a real thrill,” said Virginia Babcock. “Kenny and I always strive to follow procedures and do the right thing when it comes to our business. If the speed limit is 55, we make sure to stay at that posted speed. We believe that rules are in place for a purpose. It pays to go by the book.”
However, in Expediting, as in any business, there are grey areas that present a challenge. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and I think there’s a bit of luck involved when it comes to your overall performance. For example, a few years ago our old truck developed a tiny air leak that was detected by an inspector in California. No matter how much pre or post prep you do, some things just happen. But Expediter Services is always there to help when the unexpected happens. They’re great about keeping up with maintenance on our truck. They’re also great when it comes to getting paid. They have never been late on paying us and they always go to bat for us if we have any problems with our settlements.”
When asked about the upcoming Four Star Awards, Virginia says FedEx knocks it out of the park. “When we attended the awards in 2013, we were blown away by the whole thing. I mean, when you’re served steak & lobster and all the trimmings, it gets your attention. The service was first rate. We were treated like celebrities — I expect this year’s awards to be just as phenomenal. We’re really proud to be a part of this. It really motivates you to do your best every day.”
James Tucker & Elizabeth Johnson — First-time Award Recipients
Throughout the year, James and Elizabeth kept receiving quarterly bonuses marked “Four Star” on their checks. They had no idea it would lead to an award for excellence. “We would get these bonuses and think it was because we hadn’t had any accidents or something like that. Then one day, we got a call from Alicia Leslie, our Fleet Manager at Expediter Service who informed us we were chosen to receive the FedEx 4 Star Award. I can’t tell you how excited we were. I mean, how often do you get a great paid for vacation!?”
Although they’ve been in and out of the Expediting business for a number of years, something was different this time around. “You know, it’s funny, as long as we’ve been in Expediting, we now have a different attitude than in the past and I attribute it to the new flat rate adopted by FECC. We now turn down very few jobs and as long as the truck is rolling, we’re making money. It’s so much better now that we don’t have to bicker. And it’s not so frightening to accept loads that are a little off of the beaten path. Being paid .75 cents per mile on the deadhead has a lot to do with this.”
When asked about other factors that influence their productivity, Elizabeth was quick to point out support they get from Expediter Services. “With ES we just don’t have to worry about things. Our equipment is always well taken care of, our pay is always on time and we have people like Alicia who have our back when it comes to dealing directly with the carrier. We’re really all one big team when it comes to getting the Four Star Award.”
Stay tuned. Spotlight News will be reporting on their week at Amelia Island in an upcoming issue.

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It’s All about the Planning

June 25, 2015
Tom MacDermott and his new 2013 Cascadia

Tom MacDermott and his new 2013 Cascadia

Expediter Truck SalesThis week’s Spotlight News caught up with new truck owners Tom MacDermott, and his wife and driving partner Hope, in Maine delivering parts to a windmill factory. Their Expediting journey has brought them a long way from starting out as contract drivers with Expediter Services, signed on with FedEx Custom Critical in 2013.

“My career in trucking actually began back in 2009 when the economy took its big nose dive,” said MacDermott. I was in the construction business and that industry went away practically overnight. It was a tough thing to have to go through and it left me looking for a career that wasn’t so volatile — that’s when I turned to trucking.”

But the MacDermott’s, always ones to keep up with the latest transportation trends and opportunities, eventually made their way to Expediting. “After a few years of driving and talking to people in the industry, we found out about the improved lifestyle and income potential offered by Expediting. We looked around and found out about Expediter Services and became contract drivers about two years ago. We signed on to FedEx Custom Critical and we haven’t looked back since.” And a large part of their looking forward was their desire to own their own truck. “Ever since the day we started as contract drivers, we always knew that some day we would be owners, it was just a matter of when,” said MacDermott. “We started the process last year by talking to the folks at Expediter Truck Sales, but life has a way of throwing you a curveball, and that curveball just happened to be my daughter’s wedding. We were excited about her starting a new life, and knew that a new truck could wait just a little longer.”

Then there was the spring EGG (Expediter Group Gathering). “Having started the process of looking for a truck earlier last year, we knew we were ahead of the game. So, when the spring EGG event was announced at Expediter Services’ home office in Southaven, Mississippi, we thought this would be a good opportunity to learn more about the business and to look into getting a new truck all at the same time. The EGG was a great experience. We got to meet other Expediters who have the same experiences and challenges that we face in our business. We also got to meet the folks at Expediter Services. Overall, it was a great learning experience — and we bought our first truck. We picked out a 2013 Cascadia from ES’s fleet and utilized Expediter Equipment Finance. They made the whole buying experience so easy.”

Once the MacDermott’s hit the road, there were a couple of hiccups that had to be ironed out. “We love our new truck, but we had a problem with the APU. We told Expediter Services about it and they went above and beyond to fix it. TExpediter Equipment Financehey also fixed a couple of other smaller things too. ES standing behind their product reinforced our trust in the people and the company. When we get ready to expand our fleet, we’ll definitely be coming back to Expediter Truck Sales.”

And speaking of expanding his fleet, when we asked about their future plans, MacDermott didn’t mince words when it came to planning for his business. “There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes into purchasing a truck or trucks. My goal is to have five trucks in our fleet by 2020. And any variable in the price of equipment or freight can make or break your plans. Take for instance the new FedEx flat rate structure they now have in place. The fact that I can now plan my business around a fixed rate makes this process easier. I’ve already calculated that the new flat rate has increased my income by about $10,000 a year because they now pay .75 cents per mile on deadhead. We plan on building a business that we can leave to our children, and being able to plan using this new pricing structure and the opportunities provided by Expediter Services will definitely help us get there.”

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Six Trucks and Growing

June 15, 2015

Jimmy Moore and his new Cascadia

One of the great things about Spotlight News, is that we get to know Expediters on a long-term and even an intimate basis. We then have the privilege of sharing their stories about what works to make their businesses successful or more importantly, what doesn’t work. Either way, you get to learn from their experience.

This issue of Expediter Truck SalesSpotlight revisits Jimmy and Bobbi Moore, an Expediting team who have overcome adversity (at least at the beginning of their career) to build a successful fleet of six trucks. (read more about their earlier stories here and here)

The Moore’s Expediting business began back in 2013, signing on with FedEx as their carrier. But little did they know, their business would be off to a bit of rocky start. “Bobbi and I dove into our business with great expectations. We went through FedEx orientation, bought a new Freightliner M2 from a Freightliner dealer and hit the road — and that’s where the trouble began,” said Jimmy. “No sooner had we started hauling freight when the truck began to have problems. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. We knew right away that this truck was a mistake. At only 180,000 miles I had to replace the engine, and recently the transmission “hand grenaded” and we had to fix it. Out of all the trucks in our fleet, it has the least amount of miles on it. To say that we were frustrated and disappointed would be an understatement.”
Expediter Equipment Finance

Thankfully, the Moore’s story gets better with the right equipment. “We knew then and there that we had to get another truck to take up the slack. We did some research and found Expediter Truck Sales. They told us about a used 2008 T660 and we crossed our fingers and bought it because there was so little equipment out in the market place. We were relieved to find out that this truck was a really good buy. It gave us great service and was a great value. In fact, it worked out so well we purchased another one later that year. From that point on we were hooked on the trucks from Expediter Services fleet.”
And with the right equipment, their business began to grow even more. “Once we got the right trucks on the road, we were able to start making the kind of income we always knew we could. In January of 2014, we added a 2013 Cascadia, and let me tell you, that is one great truck! It is spec’d to a great standard and the quality is head and shoulders above anything we’ve experienced. It’s efficient and we’ve not had a single problem since we bought it. Our experience with this truck affirmed that we made the right decision by going with Expediter Truck Sales. And did I mention that we also went with Expediter Equipment Finance? They made everything so easy.”

EGG-logo-150Up to this point Jimmy and Bobbi now had a fleet of five trucks…then came the spring EGG. “Since we’ve had such great success with the trucks we got from Expediter Truck Sales, we decided to attend the latest EGG at Expediter Services home office in Southaven, Mississippi. And It was NOTHING like I thought it would be. I mean, it was just so personal. We got to know just about everyone we usually talk to over the phone, including April Holland, the Fleet Managers, Jason & Paul Williams and Jeff Tacker. I would sincerely encourage anyone to attend an EGG and get to know the people at Expediter Services. Since we’ve been in business, our dealings with Expediter Services has always been nothing but positive. They have always kept their word and followed through on what they say they are going to do. They are a company that I can plan my family’s future around and that’s truly saying something.”  And by the way, Jimmy and Bobbi added another 2013 Cascadia to their fleet at the Spring EGG, bringing their fleet to six trucks!

“There’s one more thing I’d like to add about planning for the future,” said Moore. “Freight is on an upward trajectory right now and any edge you can get helps you as a fleet owner and FedEx’s introduction of the flat rate environment has had a tremendous impact on my ability to plan for the future by taking the “artwork” out of expediting. The ability to make solid plans for the future based on flat rates takes the guess work out of knowing when to grow my fleet.”

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