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It Takes a Team to Stay on the Road

August 18, 2016

Expediting is a fast moving and dynamic business. It takes skill, talent and the right team to navigate the ups and downs of the road ahead. In this issue of Spotlight News, we follow Robert Burrow and Eliza Zepeda as they steer their way through the process of starting their business, taking detours and upgrading equipment — with help from Expediter Services. (Read their earlier story here) We also get insights from Eliza about being a Woman in Expediting.
Robert’s Take on Expediting and Upgrading Equipment
“Our journey into Expediting happened at the end of 2012,” said Burrow. “I had been driving a tractor trailer at FedEx Express and someone mentioned to me about driving a straight truck for FedEx Custom Critical. It sounded interesting, so I looked into it. By January of 2013, I was enrolled in the Custom Critical classes in Ohio with my driving partner Eliza Zepeda.”
Robert and Eliza’s venture into Expediting looked promising, but they still had questions about getting started. That’s when they found Expediter Services. “After completing FedEx Custom Critical’s program, we still were unsure about the best course of action to get started. I started doing research online and found Expediter Services. My first contact was Jeff Tacker. I explained that we were new in the business, and that we had a lot to learn in order to know if Expediting was even right for us. Jeff suggested that we start out as contract drivers in ES’s fleet. He explained this would help us learn about the business and gain experience, with help from ES’s Contract Driver Support Services.”
It didn’t take long for Robert and Eliza to settle into their new business as they were soon in the position to make the decision to own their own truck. “By October of 2013, we were ready to buy our own straight truck. We chose a 2008 Kenworth T660 from ES’s fleet. We drove it for a few years and now we’re ready to upgrade. But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself,” said Burrow. “About six months ago, we took a slight detour with our business. We took a position away from Expediter Services, and began driving for Landstar Express America. As it turned out, we did not get the loads we needed. We realized that we were missing the support provided by Expediter Services. I called ES Fleet Manager Patrick Bertrand. We were welcomed back with open arms. Long-story-short, we’re back with ES, signed on with FedEx Custom Critical as our carrier and we’re getting into a brand new truck from Stoops with a custom Bolt sleeper. Expediter Services has even gone the extra step to let us drive a truck from their fleet until our new truck is ready. I tell you, their support is tremendous. I’m glad we’re back! This is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Eliza’s Take on Women in Expediting
women-in-epediting-200“It’s a real privilege to add my two cents about being a Woman in Expediting,” says Zepeda. ” My role is being the head driver for our team. My background started as a school bus driver. I just love the challenge of driving through twisting and turning city streets. Robert does much of the navigating, as I easily get motion sickness reading a map. He’s a great driving and business partner. He’s good with paperwork and keeping up with truck maintenance.”Eliza is no shrinking violet when it comes to letting people know that she knows her way around a straight truck. “Many people think Robert and I are married, but we’re not. We’re just really good friends who saw a business opportunity and went for it. Some people question whether I’m capable of driving a straight truck because I’m a woman, and a petite one at that, but once they find out about my years of experience, they have respect for what I do.”
witlogo-esWhen asked about getting a new truck, Eliza was quick to point out that she’s thrilled about the opportunities ahead. “Oh, I’m just so excited about getting a new truck. I get really emotional about it because this is our business and we’re looking forward to getting back on the road in a new rig. We’re so grateful for Expediter Services for helping us keep running and furthering our business plans. I advise any woman (or man) who is looking to getting into Expediting to make ES their first call.”

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Women in Expediting: Joy Franklin

August 11, 2016

Welcome back to Spotlight News as we continue our online series Women in Expediting. You may have noticed from earlier stories, women are making great strides in all areas of Expediting and taking on roles traditionally held by men. They’re not merely taking on these roles, they are exceeding as drivers, owners and managers, while complimenting the team environment at the same time. Their talents are needed and welcomed in the industry.

We introduce Joy Franklin, a nurse who, along with her boyfriend and business partner Alvin Shipp, decided that owning their own straight truck would be a great investment in their future. They recently purchased a 2012 Cascadia dry unit and hit the road this past July.

SLN: What brought you to Expediting?
My boyfriend, Alvin Shipp and I had been talking about starting a business together for quite a while. Since I’m a nurse, one of our goals is to open an assisted living facility sometime in the future. We looked at several different businesses to provide the income to help us make this happen. Alvin was already a contract driver with Expediter Services, signed on with Panther. I approached him with the idea of truck ownership and he thought being owners would be a great opportunity.

SLN: Tell us about the process of buying a truck?
I did a lot of research online and chose Expediter Truck Sales. I filled out a contact form, telling them what my goals were and that I was interested in buying a truck. Danny Vernon, ETS Truck Sales Manager called me back the next day. We spent time discussing what I wanted to do. He was able to find the right truck for us, a 2012 Cascadia from ES’s fleet. He soon put us in touch with Steve Kochensparger at Expediter Equipment Finance. The process was straight forward and happened pretty fast. In a short time, we had our truck and it was on the road making money.

SLN: As a woman, what was it like going through the process of buying a truck at Expediter Truck Sales?
I have to say, the experience was really good. I don’t feel like they treated me differently in any way. The buying and financing process could not have gone more smoothly. I was treated with respect throughout the entire transaction.
SLN: Tell us about the the truck you purchased and how you plan on running your business?
We felt since this was our first truck, it made more sense to go with a little older unit. We got a good deal, which included an extended warranty, providing us with a level of comfort as we get used to being business owners. The truck itself is incredible. The interior is like new — that’s what really sold me. Even though Alvin and his driving partner will actually be spending time in the truck, I was impressed with the accommodations.
My role as truck owner will be to manage the finances and to make sure Alvin and his driving partner have what they need while they’re out there on the road. Also, I just learned how to use T-Check and I’m excited about that! It’s like running a real business. I know there’s more to learn, but with Expediter Services support, I’m confident that I can be up to speed quickly.

SLN: Since you’re a woman, and a nurse, how do people react when they find out that you’re in the Expediting business?

When people find out I’m in the trucking business they always ask me how I was able to do it. There is that novelty about being a women, but for the most part they always ask a lot of questions because they’re also interested in the business. I tell them about Expediter Services, and how we found our truck at Expediter Truck Sales, and how we did our financing through Expediter Equipment Finance. It’s such a sound business move, it’s actually good for men or women looking to get into Expediting.

SLN: What is your advice for women looking to get into Expediting?
I say to anyone looking into getting into the business, just follow your first instinct and do it. I think it’s a good investment that shows good results in the end. Our plan is to work hard, then purchase more trucks as we grow. With Expediter Services, fleet ownership is a proven business model and we plan on leveraging it to its fullest extent.

Thanks Joy, for sharing your experience about Women in Expediting with us.
Stay tuned for another edition of Women in Expediting in a future issue of Spotlight News!

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Growth, Diversification and Family

August 4, 2016

Readers of Spotlight News will no doubt be familiar with Jimmy and Bobbi Moore, a husband and wife who have built a successful fleet of ten Expediting trucks. (read their latest story here) You may also recognize Bobbi from our Women in Expediting series in our June, 7th, issue. (read her story here)
Since our last visit, the Moore’s have been busy expanding their fleet even more with the addition of another DR unit purchased at the recent Expedite Expo. Bobbi Moore explains that the new truck is all about expanding opportunities and diversification. “Before the Spring EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) in April of this year, we had only run factory dry units. But after talking with Expediter Services about the enhanced opportunities offered by getting into White Glove service, we thought it would be a good idea to purchase a Custom Sleeper DR unit and explore this part of the business. As it turned out, it was a great move for us. Based on that initial success, we decided to buy another Custom Sleeper DR in order to diversify our fleet even further.”
This latest purchase brings the Moore’s fleet up to ten units (eight dry, two refrigerated), and almost all sourced from Expediter Services’ very own fleet. “Ever since we began our business in 2013, we’ve relied on Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance for all but one of our trucks. Our two latest DR units are 2014 Cascadias with Bolt custom sleepers from ES’s fleet. As anyone in this business knows, straight trucks and DR units in particular are hard to find. Expediter Services not only delivers on these trucks, they offer great value and competitive financing. When you add in ES’s support to the mix, you have a great support team to help you build a successful business.”
expediter group gathering logo
By diversifying the fleet, the Moore’s are continuing to create opportunities for their drivers. “Adding the DR units has worked out very well. When recruiting, we don’t require that teams have hazmat endorsements, but we do recommend it. Having these endorsements has helped two of our existing teams to easily transition into White Glove service without losing time, as they’re able to drive a dry unit until the qualification process is complete. We feel recruiting from within our own ranks helps with driver retention. It also helps to create loyalty and good will. Enhanced credentials also gives drivers something to look forward to and shoot for,” said Moore. “Adding White Glove service and DR units is also a way of diversifying in order to build a legacy for our children. Jimmy took our sixteen-year-old son Jimmy Jr. to the Expo and they also attended the EGG at the Expo together. Our children are interested in our business and are already participating. Jimmy Jr. has been working for us full-time all summer and will go part-time when school starts back. Joshua (10) has just started working part-time. It is so nice to build something they can someday carry on and grow. Our relationship with ES is very much like family, too. They are always there when we need them, and I know they will be there for us when we decide it’s time to grow and diversify even more.”

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Women in Expediting: Virginia Babcock

July 29, 2016

Spotlight News drives forward with our online series featuring Women in Expediting. It has been our privilege to show how women have contributed to Expediting, bringing talent, skill and success as drivers and owners to an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men. Women’s talents and abilities are now being recognized as an integral part of what makes Expediting the best lifestyle and business choice in trucking for women and men.
In this issue, we shine the spotlight on Virginia Babcock. She, along with her husband and driving partner Kenny, are contract drivers who love the road, love their career and love each other! Since 2011, they have been a successful part of Expediter Services’ fleet — and they are very good at what they do!

SLN: How did You and Kenny get started in Expediting?
We moved to Las Vegas a few years after the big economic downturn in 2008. Unfortunately, there were no jobs so Kenny and I started driving cabs. Being an over-the-road truck driver in a previous career, It wasn’t long before he decided he wanted to get back into a truck. Since he had taught me to drive, we decided to look around for opportunities in trucking where we could be together. I soon found an Ad for a company looking for Expediting teams. I made the call and wound up talking to a recruiter at Expediter Services. They had openings right away and it wasn’t long before we became independent contract drivers for ES, signed on with FedEx Custom Critical. That was in 2011.

SLN: Tell us what it’s like being a female in this industry?
I started out years ago driving a cement mixer, so I got a taste of what it’s like being a woman in the trucking business even back then. Physically, I’m on the petite side and people were often surprised that I would show up on the job site delivering a load of concrete. But once they saw that I was good at what I do, they were good with it. I think that’s a big part of being a women in this business. It’s more how you do your job than just being a female. There are some differences in the equipment being an Expediter, but it’s really about people skills and being professional when dealing with the shipper and the company. I find that I’m almost always treated well and hardly ever have to open my own door at truck stops. Being a woman in this business definitely has its perks! On the whole, I find that women are welcomed in trucking.

SLN: What is the reaction from people outside of the trucking industry when they find out that you drive a truck?
It’s funny, most people (women often) are surprised that I can drive a vehicle the size of a straight truck. This surprises me sometimes because Expediting trucks aren’t that large when compared to say, an eighteen wheeler. I tell women that driving an Expediting truck is not much different than driving their mini-van. I also tell them they should try it sometime because they might find a whole new career. Seriously, more women should look into Expediting.

SLN: What are the tasks that you perform as a part of your business?
In addition to driving, I take care of a lot of the paperwork and I answer the phone most of the time as well. Over the years, I’ve learned to know the numbers. For instance, when we show up for repair work, I know the truck’s serial number and the important information the maintenance people need in order to get the paperwork done quickly. It’s just something that I’m particularly good at. In general, I take care of most of the inside operations, Kenny takes care of the outside jobs. We compliment each other in the jobs that we do.
A lot of people may not realize it, but it’s a huge job to be organized when driving a truck like this. We stay out for long periods of time and being organized is a large part of being successful.

SLN: Can you expand on that last point. What does it take to be successful spending time with someone on the road?
If you’re going to spend a lot of time with someone in the confines of a truck you can’t be thin skinned. You have to be able to let stuff roll off of your back. Kenny and I have been married for almost twenty years, and we have also worked with each other during that time. And to be honest, there are times that we get annoyed at each other. But you just have to look at the big picture and ask yourself, “will whatever is bothering us matter tomorrow”? We’ve learned to work together and to do what’s good for us personally, as well as the business. It must be working because we’re still at it!

SLN: Tell us about the truck you’re currently driving?
Expediter Services has been very good to us when it comes to equipment. We got a brand new Cascadia in 2014 and we ran it for 300,000 miles. ES called us last October and told us they wanted it back, to make it available at Expediter Truck Sales. They gave us another brand new one. Our new truck is incredible. It has practically everything we need, it has a TV, refrigerator/freezer, microwave and a good amount of room. Being able to cook meals saves us a great deal of money, too.
I can’t tell you just how good ES has been to us. Their support is fantastic. I absolutely wouldn’t drive for anybody else.

SLN: What advice do you have for women looking to get into Expediting?
I think above all, you have to be organized. Also, you have to be able to keep your emotions in check, not just to be able to get along with your team partner, but to be mentally and emotionally able to “go” at a moment’s notice. When the call comes in that there’s a load to pick up, we’re ready to go NOW. Expediting can be a great career and I encourage women to seriously look into it.

SLN: What are your future plans?
We love what we do, and Expediter Services makes it so much easier with their support. Quite honestly, I can’t see us doing anything else for a long, long time.

Thanks Virginia, for sharing your experience about Women in Expediting with us.
Stay tuned for another edition of Women in Expediting in a future issue of Spotlight News!

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Thanks for a Great Expedite Expo 2016!

July 22, 2016

This year was the 16th Expedite Expo and Expediter Services was proud to be the title sponsor!

We feel the annual Expedite Expo is an important event for the industry. It’s also the only show Expediter Services participates in throughout the year. And although attendance was somewhat soft (following freight trends) from previous years, the quality of attendees definitely lived up to expectations and the ES team was excited to meet and greet everyone who visited our booth, as well as our Expediter Truck Sales exhibit in the Manchester parking lot.

We had the opportunity to share the solutions of tried-and-true programs created to make Independent Contractors, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners more efficient and profitable — regardless of the road ahead. We were also excited to let people know that if you can drive a truck, you can own a truck if you desire, and we we’re pleased to have helped at least two attendees to become new truck owners!
A number of opportunities were realized as we spoke with many new and experienced quality driving teams, and we’re looking forward to assisting them getting into equipment in the near future.

Women in Trucking Seminar


expo2016-sleasman2The ES family was well represented at the Women in Trucking seminar with Fleet Owner Donna Sleasman, providing input for women expediters in attendance. Women Expediters have made tremendous strides in the industry, performing a number of important functions, including drivers, owners, fleet owners and management. Keep up the good work, ladies!

It was a Good EGG at the Expo!

Expediter Services hosted it’s third annual EGG at the Expo (Expediter Group Gathering) focusing on the Industry outlook and future growth opportunities. This year’s EGG was a packed house, giving over 120 attendees, as well as the ES team the opportunity to meet, network and get to know each other on a personal basis. The gathering was also a great venue for us to share the Real Support, Real Programs, Real Services and the Real Community offered by Expediter Services, so you Never Stand Alone.
Expediter Truck Sales

We would also like to give a shout out to the carriers who attended the EGG: FedEx Custom Critical, Panther Premium Logistics, Roadrunner Expedite, V3 Transportation and XPO Logistics.
Stay tuned for the next EGG!


Don’t wait for the Expo or the EGG to access
the opportunities offered by Expediter Services.
It’s what we do every day!

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