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We’re Here For You…Regardless of the Road Ahead

July 1, 2016
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Anyone who has been around trucking knows that the state of freight fluctuates as business cycles move up and down — it’s just a part of doing business. Currently, trends are indicating that freight is in a down cycle. Should you be concerned? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: no matter the state of freight, you Never Stand Alone when you partner with Expediter Services. Here’s why:

We’ve Been There Before
Expediter Services was born in 2006, but expanded and matured its services during the economic downturn of 2009. During this tumultuous freight environment, ES began the process of building an umbrella of support, services and programs based on input from a concerned Expediting community looking for answers. The road wasn’t always smooth as we developed the discounts and programs now enjoyed by Expediters who utilize our many offerings. At times, our attempts to satisfy customer’s needs led to a dead end. But one thing is certain, our trial by fire resulted in tried-and-true support services and programs that can help you succeed when the road best traveled gets bumpy.

Real Support. Real Service. A Real Community.
ES can provide you with real support including discounts on fuel, insurance and more. We also provide comprehensive freight history information, along with back office support and programs to help you through the good times as well as the bad.

When you join the Expediter Services family, you are a part of a community of support that’s second to none, helping you weather the storm, regardless of the volatility of freight.

Taking Steps to Mitigate Risk and Costs
When the road ahead is rough and freight becomes tough, it’s important to know that your carrier and/or service provider will be there for you today and in the future. Do you have the support you need? Are you paid on time or even at all? Is your equipment good enough to carry you through a tough freight cycle economically and efficiently? Is there a community of support that you can turn to when business is soft? Expediter Services has proven support programs to help answer YES to all of these questions.

Experience has taught us that upgrading your equipment is a great way to control fuel and maintenance expenses. Expediter Truck Sales has available the industry’s best and largest inventory of pre-owned class 8 straight trucks that are fuel efficient, well maintained and offer a tremendous value. Contact Danny Vernon at Expediter Truck Sales to see how a good pre-owned truck can actually save you money.

To help finance your truck quickly with little or no hassle, rely on Expediter Equipment Finance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer, non-home owner or fleet owner, we can help you upgrade to mitigate costs no matter the business environment.

Opportunity for New Drivers
There’s always room and opportunity for new hardworking drivers in Expediting, and you are definitely wanted and needed. Expediter Services is here to help, so you Never Stand Alone, with Owner Operator and Contract Driver programs to save you money and help you build your business. Let our community of support make your dreams of being a successful Expediter a reality.
We’re excited about the opportunity to serve you, please give us a call to get started today.

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Women in Expediting: Hope McDermott

June 27, 2016

Our web series focusing on Women in Expediting rolls along as we continue to explore why women choose Expediting as a career, and how they not only survive in an industry traditionally dominated by men, but thrive to become successful drivers and/or owners.
Women in Expediting bring a number of much needed talents and abilities that compliment the team environment and contribute to a successful business.

We introduce Hope McDermott, wife, team driver and business partner of Thomas McDermott. They have partnered together through a number of ventures over the years, settling into a successful Expediting career since 2013.

SLN: How did You and Thomas begin your careers in Expediting?
We started out driving 53-footers for several years and we weren’t real happy with the company we were driving for at the time. We began talking to people who were in Expediting and learned about the industry. Thomas got online and found the Expediter Services website — that was in 2013. We soon began at Expediter Services as contract drivers, signed on to Fedex as our carrier. A couple of years later, we bought our own truck at last year’s Spring EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) from Expediter Truck Sales, utilizing Expediter Equipment Finance and we’ve not looked back since!

SLN: What reaction do you get from people who find out you are a woman in Expediting?
The subject does come up from time-to-time. Some people are still surprised that there are women drivers out there, but once they see that you know your job, they respect you. Also, I speak with men who want to bring their spouse or significant other on the road with them. A lot of times their partners are a little intimidated by driving a vehicle the size of a straight truck. I tell them a good way to see if they like it is to rent a large U-Haul truck for a weekend and drive it around. It’s a neat piece of advice that has helped quite a few husbands get their wives involved in the business. Once their partner gets her Class B license, a whole world of opportunity opens up in Expediting.

SLN: What do you feel is the key to success for you and Thomas?
Thomas was “all in”  from the very beginning when it came to me being his driving and business partner. He was also the one who trained me to drive a 53-footer. In many ways, our working together as Expediters is not much different than when we were driving big rigs or even when we owned our own construction company years ago. Many people ask me how do we work so closely together. I think the important thing to remember is that at the end of the day we are a team and there is always give and take. It also helps to keep in mind the goal of having a successful business and Expediting helps to provide focus toward that goal.
Also, it’s important to know boundaries and respect each other’s personal space, after all, you’re both living in close qurters much of the time. We use the curtain between our bunks as a way to maintain privacy. When the curtain is closed, it’s private time and we both give each other the space we need.

SLN: Do you have any advice for women who may be looking to enter Expediting as a career?

I say that if you are a woman looking to get into Expediting, just do it! It doesn’t matter if you are a contract driver or even an owner. There is real opportunity for women. It’s often said in this business that you’re not making money if the wheels aren’t turning, and in general trucking that’s true. But in Expediting, downtime is part of the business. Don’t let that bother you. There are a lot of weekends where we are waiting on loads. But when Monday morning comes, we are on the road delivering freight. It also helps to get certified for HazMat and other enhanced credentials.

SLN: What does the future hold for You and Thomas?
Right now, we’re working on getting our HazMat/White Glove credentials. Once we have this in place it will open up more earning opportunity for us, and we are looking into adding a second truck in January of 2017. At that point our tasks will probably change as we take on the management of another team on top of what we already do. Who handles potential problems would depend on which one of us is awake when we get the call. That’s where team work comes into play. Over the next three years, we would like to have a fleet of about ten trucks and manage that fleet from home. We definitely feel like we can reach this goal with the support provided by Expediter Services.

Thanks Hope, for sharing your experience about Women in Expediting with us.
Stay tuned for another edition of Women in Expediting in a future issue of Spotlight News!

Visit our Women in Expediting page to learn about how you can get started today with your new career.

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The EGG at the Expo 2016

June 17, 2016

Expediter Services is excited to once again host the EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) at the Expedite Expo’s new home in Lexington, Kentucky on July 15th.
The venue may be new, but the reason for the EGG remains the same: to provide a place for Expediters to meet and discuss issues affecting the industry and to help provide solutions for success.

According to Jeff Tacker, Expediter Services, Vice President of Operations, this year’s EGG will address the state of freight, as well as other important topics. “At this year’s EGG at the Expo, we will welcome those we know and get to know those we don’t. We’ll also address the ups and downs occurring presently in the market and discuss the opportunities ES offers to let owners know that we’re here for you, regardless of the road ahead.”
One of the most important features of any EGG is that each gathering is tailored to meet the challenges of changing market conditions. This year’s EGG will speak to the current freight environment, allowing Expediter Services to offer real support, real programs, real services and a real community, born out of ES’s experience. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting Expediter Group Gathering!The EGG at the Expo is open to current and prospective qualified team expediters.

Register Now or call 877-349-9303 for more information

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Women in Expediting: Bobbi Moore

June 7, 2016

As we continue to expand upon our series about “Women in Expediting”, Spotlight News is speaking with women to learn why they chose Expediting as a career, and how they cope with an industry that has been traditionally dominated by males. We are also exploring the strengths that women bring to the industry.
One might think that women who make Expediting a career solely become drivers or owners. But as you will see in this issue, women play other key roles that are indispensable to the success of their businesses.
We introduce Bobbi Moore, wife and business partner of Jimmy Moore. She at first reluctantly entered into Expediting, but became adept at managing and recruiting for a growing and dynamic fleet of nine Expediting trucks.

SLN: How did You and Jimmy get started in Expediting?
Our start really began with my husband. We had recently sold a business here in Las Vegas and he began looking at some other business opportunities. He discovered FedEx Custom Critical and began doing research to determine the income potential of Expediting. The business model looked very good, so we decided to go for it.

SLN: What was your role in this new business venture?
At first, my role was pretty minimal. I don’t have a commercial drivers license, so from the very beginning, my job was to take care of things on the home front. We have two young boys, Jimmy Moore Jr. (16), and Joshua Moore (10). We both decided that it was important for someone to be here while Jimmy was on the road. To be quite honest, I was pretty reluctant about the whole thing because I knew absolutely nothing about Expediting or trucking. But Jimmy’s business instincts are good, so I just figured I would jump in with both feet and make the best of whatever opportunities came my way.

SLN: Tell us how your business began to grow?
We started our business in late 2013 with one truck. Being new to Expediting, it got off to a bit of a rocky start, mainly because finding a good used Class 8 truck was difficult and the truck we wound up buying just didn’t work out very well. Shortly thereafter we discovered Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance and haven’t looked back. Our current fleet of nine trucks is made up entirely of trucks from ETS and it has made a huge difference in our ability to grow quickly and efficiently.

From the beginning, we’ve partnered with Expediter Services. Their fuel and insurance discounts are great and so is the support they provide through their Owner Operator Program. There’s no doubt ES has helped us grow our fleet. They really give you an advantage so we Never Stand Alone. Even now that we’re experienced Expediters, ES is an integral part of our growth model. I only wish we had known about Expediter Truck Sales from the beginning. It would have made things so much easier when it came to buying that first truck!

SLN: How has your role and tasks changed as your business has grown?
As you can imagine, at first there wasn’t a whole lot to do. We grew our fleet by purchasing one truck at a time. Jimmy would drive each new truck and we would find someone to drive with him, as well as finding a team to drive the other truck. After truck number three, things really started to get busy for me. Now, it’s pretty much a full-time job managing the accounting and recruiting for a fleet of nine trucks!
I think part of our success is the fact that we are constantly in “recruiting mode”. If we get to the point where we have too many teams for the amount of trucks we have on hand, we then evaluate our position and either add another truck or pass that team along to another fleet owner or even forward them on to Expediter Services.

SLN: What does Jimmy think about your involvement within the company?
He thinks that what I do is absolutely necessary. We both realize that we wouldn’t be able to make it in this business without the management and recruiting skills that I bring to the table. But at the end of the day, what we do is a team effort. We work very well together and we realize that each of us has our own strengths that contribute to our success as a whole.

SLN: How do people react when they learn that you’re a woman working in a field dominated by men?
Due to the fact that my role is administrative and not out on the road mixing it up with the guys, people’s reaction is just like that to any other office-type of job. I think for the most part people are surprised when they learn about the amount of growth we’ve achieved in such a short amount of time. There’s absolutely no stigma when it comes to me being a female in this business and I think that’s a positive for everyone.

SLN: Do you have any advice for women who may be looking to enter Expediting as a career?
My advice for women (or anyone for that matter) who wants to get involved in Expediting is to surround yourself with as many professionals as you can in order to learn the business. ES is a perfect example of this. Their support team is extremely helpful, especially to those just starting out. Also, I would recommend networking with people in all levels of the business. When it comes to Expediting, you never stop learning.

SLN: What does the future hold for the company and for you?
I think without a doubt, we will continue to grow until God tells us it’s time to stop. We just added our first DR unit at the Expediter Services Spring Egg event. Jimmy has been very involved with this new truck because they run differently than dry units. He’ll continue to be hands-on until the truck and the new team is up-to-speed. As for me, I will continue to manage the accounting and the recruiting for the fleet as it grows. Our sons are also showing an interest in the business and that’s something we’ll nurture as they grow up. Who knows, someday they may take over the business and carry it to a whole new level! But one thing is for certain, we will continue to rely on the Expediter Services, Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance as we grow.

Thanks Bobbi, for sharing your perspective on Women in Expediting.
Stay tuned for another edition of Women in Expediting in a future issue of Spotlight News!

Visit our Women in Expediting page to learn about how you can get started today with your new career.

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Building a Fleet. Investing for the Future.

May 25, 2016

How many times have you thought about Expediting as an investment in your future? To some, this may seem like a strange concept. But to Jeff and Renie Strahan, building an Expediting fleet plays a major part in their investment portfolio for the long term. Before we get into the specifics of their business plan, let’s get to know them a little better.
ES-logo-short-72Jeff has been a truck driver for about twenty-five years, while Renie has been busy with a career of her own as a dental hygienist for the past thirty years. As Jeff explains, he first became aware of Expediting while on the road. “Driving my truck, I would see these small straight trucks out on the highway and I always wondered what they did. I started doing research and became intrigued by Expediting’s business model. As I did more research, I realized that there was more to Expediting than meets the eye. The deeper I dug, the more I realized that Expediting would be a great opportunity as a way to plan for our future. I found Expediter Services online and spoke with Jeff Tacker. I was with a carrier that was not getting the job done. I decided to sign up with ES and go with Panther as my carrier. I saw an immediate turnaround — that was in 2010, and as they say, the rest is history.”
After a few years, the Strahan’s left Expediting to concentrate on other priorities, but the opportunities available through Expediting stuck with them through the years. “Renie and I have been doing a lot of planning and thinking about our futures and even retirement, and we knew that Expediting was still a great way to make that happen. We heard about The EGG at Expediter Services’ offices in Southaven, Mississippi and we decided to attend so we could learn more about the industry and take a look at a truck. It turned out The EGG was a great experience and we got a lot of good information. Our original plan was to purchase a good used truck from Expediter Truck Sales, but we wound up buying a new 2016 Volvo 780 factory dry unit. This truck is  one of the first ten Volvo factory spec’d straight truck units available in North America and we got a terrific deal on it! We utilized Expediter Equipment Finance too and the entire process was easy!”
As mentioned earlier, the Strahan’s are looking to leverage an Expediting fleet into an income stream they can use as part of their retirement planning. “At some point both Renie and I will step away from our current careers and a fleet of Expediter trucks will be a good way to help us transition into having a good income when we’re ready to make that move. Renie is already making plans to become even more involved in the bookkeeping and managing the business. As a woman in expediting, she is a great asset for our company,” said Jeff. “We also plan to add more trucks to our fleet and I anticipate we will have at least three trucks in the next year. Expediter Services just makes the whole process so easy.”
In addition to retirement income, Strahan says purchasing a new truck is a great way to insure against market fluctuations. “I feel that having as new a truck as possible is a good way to cut down on overhead, especially when freight is soft. Also, Expediter Services has fantastic services and programs that can help defer costs like fuel, maintenance, breakdown support and insurance. There truly is no other company I would rather be associated with than ES in any business environment.

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