The Best Nationwide Discount Program for Owner-Operators & Small Fleet Owners

Average savings of $.55-$.76 per gallon on diesel

Free showers & refills daily

Tire savings up to $135 off per tire

Big shop discounts

Save up to $1,800/truck per month

ES Advantage Fuel Card

The discounts you need. The transparency you deserve.

Whether you are an owner-operator or small fleet owner, ES is dedicated to helping you run a more safe, stable and profitable business. This program offers deep discounts and affordable services where transportation companies are most impacted while providing a community of support so you Never Stand Alone.

  • Save an average of $.55-$.76 per gallon on diesel purchases at over 1,200 truck stops nationwide
  • Save up to $1,800/truck per truck month in fuel discounts
  • Pay cash price at over 14,000 truck stops within the fuel network
  • Get 2 free showers & refills daily through top tier loyalty programs at major truck stops nationwide.
  • You’ll also earn 3x rewards points as an ES Advantage member to help you get parking, meals, coffee, and merchandise faster.

Tire savings of up to $135 off retail price per tire.

Receive below-market hourly rates for repairs and significant discounts for preventative maintenance and oil changes at major truck stop chains.

  • $119 hourly service rate
  • $30 off new tires
  • $20 off retread tires
  • $35 off Elite PM Service
  • $55.99 APU Oil Change
  • $54.99 Tractor DOT Inspection & Lube
  • Discounted roadside assistance & more!
  • $30 off Ultimate PM
  • $15 off Premium PM
  • $7.50 off Rapid Oil Change
  • $15 off 3 Axle Alignment
  • $10 off Trailer PM
  • $5 off Tractor Lube
  • $10 off Tractor DOT
  • $10 off Trailer DOT
  • $10 off Tractor & Trailer DOT
  • $35 off retail pricing on all tire brands and all tire positions
  • Healthcare for less than $0.01 per mile! Choose the coverage that best fits your needs. Visit the ES Health Insurance Marketplace at
    • Major medical
    • Short-term health
    • Vision
    • Dental
    • Life
    • Telehealth and more.

ES Advantage Members

Discount Locations

Average Member Savings in 2022

Over 1,200 Fueling Locations Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contracts I have to sign to join the ES Advantage Discount Program?

No! The ES Advantage Discount Program is risk free with no contracts or obligations.

Where can I get discounts with ES Advantage?

Discounts through the ES Advantage Discount Program are available at the following

  • TA/Petro
  • Sapp Bros
  • Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
  • Cash Magic
  • Select AmBest Locations
  • Love’s
  • Speedco
  • Goodyear
  • TVC Pro-Driver
  • BestPass
  • And more!

How do I know where to go for ES Advantage fuel discounts?

ES Advantage members get access to the free ES Advantage Mobile App that has features to help you plan your savings while on the road. Through the mobile app you can

  • Find discounted fuel locations in your area
  • Compare discounts and fuel prices at multiple locations
  • Get turn-by-turn directions to fuel stops
  • Real-time transaction & balance reporting

Customer Reviews

Listen to Testimonial Podcast

In this podcast, you are going to meet Ryan Brunecz, an owner-operator who has been leveraging the savings that are being delivered every day through the ES Advantage. As Ryan shares during our podcast conversation, his trucking business is in a stronger position today because the ES Advantage has provided the opportunity to drive savings to his bottom line.

Great card for great savings on diesel fuel. I’ve been using it for just over a year.
Vickus N.
I have had this card for two years. It’s a fantastic card.
Justin F.
The fuel card is GREAT! I’ve saved a lot of $$$ using the card. I highly recommend it.
Paul C.