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We’re Here For You…Regardless of the Road Ahead

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Anyone who has been around trucking knows that the state of freight fluctuates as business cycles move up and down — it’s just a part of doing business. Currently, trends are indicating that freight is in a down cycle. Should you be concerned? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: no matter the state of freight, you Never Stand Alone when you partner with Expediter Services. Here’s why:

We’ve Been There Before
Expediter Services was born in 2006, but expanded and matured its services during the economic downturn of 2009. During this tumultuous freight environment, ES began the process of building an umbrella of support, services and programs based on input from a concerned Expediting community looking for answers. The road wasn’t always smooth as we developed the discounts and programs now enjoyed by Expediters who utilize our many offerings. At times, our attempts to satisfy customer’s needs led to a dead end. But one thing is certain, our trial by fire resulted in tried-and-true support services and programs that can help you succeed when the road best traveled gets bumpy.

Real Support. Real Service. A Real Community.
ES can provide you with real support including discounts on fuel, insurance and more. We also provide comprehensive freight history information, along with back office support and programs to help you through the good times as well as the bad.

When you join the Expediter Services family, you are a part of a community of support that’s second to none, helping you weather the storm, regardless of the volatility of freight.

Taking Steps to Mitigate Risk and Costs
When the road ahead is rough and freight becomes tough, it’s important to know that your carrier and/or service provider will be there for you today and in the future. Do you have the support you need? Are you paid on time or even at all? Is your equipment good enough to carry you through a tough freight cycle economically and efficiently? Is there a community of support that you can turn to when business is soft? Expediter Services has proven support programs to help answer YES to all of these questions.

Experience has taught us that upgrading your equipment is a great way to control fuel and maintenance expenses. Expediter Truck Sales has available the industry’s best and largest inventory of pre-owned class 8 straight trucks that are fuel efficient, well maintained and offer a tremendous value. Contact Danny Vernon at Expediter Truck Sales to see how a good pre-owned truck can actually save you money.

To help finance your truck quickly with little or no hassle, rely on Expediter Equipment Finance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer, non-home owner or fleet owner, we can help you upgrade to mitigate costs no matter the business environment.

Opportunity for New Drivers
There’s always room and opportunity for new hardworking drivers in Expediting, and you are definitely wanted and needed. Expediter Services is here to help, so you Never Stand Alone, with Owner Operator and Contract Driver programs to save you money and help you build your business. Let our community of support make your dreams of being a successful Expediter a reality.
We’re excited about the opportunity to serve you, please give us a call to get started today.

ES is working for You!

Call us at 877.349.9303 and Never Stand Alone.

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