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Two Teams. Four Stars. 1 Great Celebration.

The FedEx Custom Critical Four Star Award acknowledges the top independent contractors in their fleet who demonstrate a high standard of customer service, safety and efficiency. Expediter Services is proud to be a part of this celebration with the representation of two independent contractor teams from our own fleet who have been chosen for this year’s prestigious award. One team, Kenneth & Virginia Babcock, are veteran recipients, having been chosen for the award in 2013; as well as first-time award winners James Tucker and Elizabeth Johnson. Each team will attend the nearly week-long celebration located on Amelia Island, Florida, starting July 19th. Join us as we spotlight these two deserving teams. Congratulations everyone!
Kenneth & Virginia Babcock — Veterean Award Winners
“Being chosen again for the Four Star Award is a real thrill,” said Virginia Babcock. “Kenny and I always strive to follow procedures and do the right thing when it comes to our business. If the speed limit is 55, we make sure to stay at that posted speed. We believe that rules are in place for a purpose. It pays to go by the book.”
However, in Expediting, as in any business, there are grey areas that present a challenge. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and I think there’s a bit of luck involved when it comes to your overall performance. For example, a few years ago our old truck developed a tiny air leak that was detected by an inspector in California. No matter how much pre or post prep you do, some things just happen. But Expediter Services is always there to help when the unexpected happens. They’re great about keeping up with maintenance on our truck. They’re also great when it comes to getting paid. They have never been late on paying us and they always go to bat for us if we have any problems with our settlements.”
When asked about the upcoming Four Star Awards, Virginia says FedEx knocks it out of the park. “When we attended the awards in 2013, we were blown away by the whole thing. I mean, when you’re served steak & lobster and all the trimmings, it gets your attention. The service was first rate. We were treated like celebrities — I expect this year’s awards to be just as phenomenal. We’re really proud to be a part of this. It really motivates you to do your best every day.”
James Tucker & Elizabeth Johnson — First-time Award Recipients
Throughout the year, James and Elizabeth kept receiving quarterly bonuses marked “Four Star” on their checks. They had no idea it would lead to an award for excellence. “We would get these bonuses and think it was because we hadn’t had any accidents or something like that. Then one day, we got a call from Alicia Leslie, our Fleet Manager at Expediter Service who informed us we were chosen to receive the FedEx 4 Star Award. I can’t tell you how excited we were. I mean, how often do you get a great paid for vacation!?”
Although they’ve been in and out of the Expediting business for a number of years, something was different this time around. “You know, it’s funny, as long as we’ve been in Expediting, we now have a different attitude than in the past and I attribute it to the new flat rate adopted by FECC. We now turn down very few jobs and as long as the truck is rolling, we’re making money. It’s so much better now that we don’t have to bicker. And it’s not so frightening to accept loads that are a little off of the beaten path. Being paid .75 cents per mile on the deadhead has a lot to do with this.”
When asked about other factors that influence their productivity, Elizabeth was quick to point out support they get from Expediter Services. “With ES we just don’t have to worry about things. Our equipment is always well taken care of, our pay is always on time and we have people like Alicia who have our back when it comes to dealing directly with the carrier. We’re really all one big team when it comes to getting the Four Star Award.”
Stay tuned. Spotlight News will be reporting on their week at Amelia Island in an upcoming issue.

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