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Navigating The Truck Market With Danny Vernon and ES

You don’t have to spend long around the ES team to realize that we are all about creating advantages for our community members. From day one, we have worked hard to put together a vendor network, programs, tools, and support that help owner-operators and fleet owners drive success. For Danny Vernon, Director of Truck Sales and Finance, all of the advantages that ES has created can be summed up as “access to opportunity.”

Anyone who has been in trucking for the past few years knows that getting access to equipment and financing has been a challenge. Step foot on a dealership lot and you will hear that new trucks won’t be available for weeks, if not months. On the off chance you find one, you may run into additional barriers like high interest rates and the need for a stellar credit score.

Amidst all of the challenges of the current truck market, ES has helped fleet owners and owner-operators gain access to equipment and build their trucking businesses on attitude, aptitude, work history, and work ethic, a factor that “removes barriers,” according to Danny.

But access to opportunity with ES isn’t just about getting equipment and finding a financing partner. “Having access to equipment is one thing, but having a support system once you are up and running makes it easier to jump the hurdles that come your way,” stated Danny in a recent interview.

This is the backbone of what we refer to as Relationship Lending. Danny went on to say, “We are in it together, and each part has to work to be successful – the owner, ES, and the carrier.”

This philosophy has been a guiding principle and one that has allowed our team to help countless drivers take the leap into ownership. For all of the details about the Path To Ownership program and Danny’s outlook on the truck market, spend a few minutes listening to the podcast linked below.

And if you are interested in jumpstarting your business in 2024, you should reserve your space at SITE 2024. This free 2-day event is designed for those exploring ownership, whether it be becoming an owner-operator or expanding your existing fleet, and is a great opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. For questions regarding financing or the SITE event, please call us at 888-495-5755

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