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Join Leah Shaver at The IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo July 21st

Spend five minutes with Leah Shaver and you will quickly realize that she has spent her entire career in the trucking industry, and she is incredibly passionate about helping drive the industry forward at every level. 

Leah will be the first to tell you that she is here “for the people,” and it is evident in everything that she does. Her dedication to serve the front line workers of the industry is second to none, and one of the reasons she has become an integral part of the ES team over the past 6 years.

Since 2017, Leah has helped the ES team continue to build our community, providing hard data and insights that only a career working with truck drivers, owner-operators, and fleet owners can provide.

Beyond ES, her expertise has been instrumental in shaping the industry that we all love, where she serves as a conduit between the men and women that are behind the wheel, and the decision makers at both the state and federal levels.

Leah joined us on our most recent podcast and shared a little about her story, insights, and what she is looking forward to in the latter half of 2023. 

The Expedite Expo, where ES serves as the presenting sponsor, and IN-SITE Dinner at the Expo hosted by ES are at the top of her list as she will join the ES leadership team both in the booth and on stage. For Leah, these opportunities to engage with and personally thank the trucking professionals that keep our nation moving forward are things that cannot be taken for granted.

If you’d like to learn more from Leah in-person about the state of the industry and what sets ES apart, join ES at the IN-SITE Dinner at the Expedite Expo July 21st in Fort Wayne, IN. The events are FREE but space is limited, so register today!

We are proud to have Leah as part of the ES Community and are delighted to continue supporting her and the National Transportation Institute in their role in the trucking industry.

Stay up-to-date with the Success In Trucking Podcast. Along with the latest news and happenings from ES, the podcast features interviews with industry experts as well as members of the ES community. Each episode will weigh in on pressing topics and provide insights & tips, all in an effort to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.

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