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From LTL to Expediting Ownership

Kayelric Wilson's 2014 Volvo 780

Kayelric Wilson’s 2014 Volvo 780

Sometimes, the right opportunity is where you least expect it.  Just ask Kayelric Wilson, who recently found HIS opportunity in Expediting after years of driving in LTL trucking.
“I’ve been in trucking one way or the other most of my life. And my dream has been to own my own truck. Recently I was talking to a recruiter, asking him what would be my best path to achieve this. To my surprise, he asked if I had thought about Expediting. And to be honest, this had not been part of my game plan. The recruiter then told me about Expediter Services and how they had great programs for helping people get into truck ownership,” said Wilson.

Expediter Truck SalesAfter doing some research and making a phone call, Wilson was on the path to truck ownership and a new career. “I visited Expediter Services’ website to learn about what they’re all about and decided to call Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales. We talked about the kind of truck I wanted and what I wanted to achieve in my business. Josh right away told me about a 2014 Volvo 780 that they had available on the lot. And that was all I needed to hear.”
Expediter Equipment Finance

But finding the right truck was only part of the deal. “Josh then hooked me up with Steve Kochensparger at Expediter Equipment Finance. He was extremely helpful and was there with me throughout the whole transaction. I can’t say enough about how easy they made the whole process,” said Wilson.

“Now, I’m signed on with FedEx Custom Critical pulling a refrigerated trailer and I’ve been on the road with my brother and driving partner Keiron for about a week. So far the new truck is performing great and we’re looking forward to making even more money as owners! Who knows where this opportunity will lead.”

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