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ES Women-Owned Business Initiative Reaches New Heights

Spend some time around the ES team, and you’ll quickly realize that we are all about opening doors and creating opportunities for those that are underserved within the trucking industry. The Women-Owned Business Initiative is one such project.

Women-Owned Business

Beginning in 2017, in partnership with the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association, the original 150 Challenge was designed to create 150 women-owned businesses and give women in trucking an avenue to secure financing and support to LIFT up their businesses.

With the help of our amazing partnerships, ES reached that initial goal in August 2022.

Because of the success of the 150 Challenge, and the continued need in the industry, ES expanded the program to serve and support women in the trucking industry with the Women-Owned Business Initiative.

Thanks to the growing momentum of the program, and the continued support from our partners, vendor network, and community members, members of the ES executive team attended the Women In Trucking Accelerate Conference in Dallas and celebrated surpassing 210 women-owned businesses created and financed by ES in November 2023.

That number only represents a small fraction of the story. It has only been made possible by the amazing women that have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses.

“It speaks to the tenacity, toughness, and mindset of these ladies who are coming into the industry and want an opportunity to do better for themselves and their families,” said Jason Williams, President & CEO of ES, from the main stage of the Accelerate Conference.

At ES, we regularly talk about Attitude, Aptitude, and Work Ethic, and the members of the Women-Owned Business Initiative are shining examples of what makes our community so great.

You can learn more about Women In Trucking, and the Women Owned Business Initiative here.

Help Us Get To 300

Progress within the Women-Owned Business Initiative has exceeded all expectations, but in many ways, we are just getting started. Women comprise over 40% of the ES Community, and we are excited to see that number grow in the coming months and years.

When we first began, 300 seemed a lofty goal, but today it is the next stepping stone. We cannot reach that goal without you! Help us share the message, and LIFT up more women within the trucking industry.

Interested in learning more? Visit Women In Trucking or connect with our team at 877-349-9303 to learn more about the advantages of joining the ES Community and see why with ES in your corner, you will Never Stand Alone.

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