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Driver Appreciation at ES is a 24/7/365 Commitment

How will you celebrate or make note of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? This is one of the most commonly asked questions of companies working in trucking at this time of year. When anyone who is part of the ES Team gets a question about Driver Appreciation Week, the reply is immediate and it has remained consistent every year since Expediter Services was founded in 2006.

The answer to the question is simple and direct. At ES, driver appreciation happens 24/7/365. Those aren’t just words. The programs and support systems that ES has established for the independent contract drivers, owner operators and small fleet owners who are a critical part of the ES Community represent the deep commitment that ES makes each day to professional drivers and to the trucking industry. At ES, our company’s focus is squarely placed on creating opportunities for professional drivers to realize their best success in trucking.

ES stands behind their promises and the ES Team always puts actions behind their words in their continuing work to deliver for the members of the ES Community. ES has taken the time over the years to build unmatched support systems and a strong vendor network, ensuring that ES Community members have real opportunities to maximize savings and strengthen their respective trucking businesses.

ES Advantage

Whether it’s industry-leading fuel discounts, a trusted maintenance and repair network that is focused on getting trucks back on the road or providing market-rate financing on truck purchases, ES has earned a respected reputation for putting money behind their words, fulfilling their promises with results and investing in professional drivers.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for our industry. September 12-18 this year will once again give us the opportunity to reflect upon the essential role that America’s professional drivers hold in keeping the country’s economy moving. Driver Appreciation Week should also serve as a call to action for everyone involved in supporting the work of the men and women behind the wheel.

For professional drivers, Sept. 12-18 can serve as a time to reflect as well. During this Driver Appreciation Week, ES would like to invite you to consider the following questions:

As you consider those questions, ES appreciates and understands that the road to profitability can be challenging for independent contract drivers, owner operators and small fleet owners. This is why ES has established proven programs that give you the tools you need to reduce costs and drive profits to your bottom line.

During this Driver Appreciation Week, ES would like to ask you to take a moment of appreciation for your career, what you have accomplished so far and where you would like to go on the road ahead in this industry. As you look at your future, ES would like to offer you the opportunity to explore the unrivaled savings and support found within a community that now features more than 10,000 trucking professionals.

So, as the trucking industry calendar turns to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the team at ES will continue to stand by our daily commitment through our words and actions to make sure that the professional drivers in the ES Community Never Stand Alone.

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