Women in Expediting

1Women Have Real Opportunity at ES

1Did you know that more and more women are entering into trucking in order to access the tremendous opportunities offered by this industry?  We want to tell you about an even better choice in the trucking business!

As more and more women enter into transportation, their roles vary depending upon their skill set and business goals. For instance, not all women are drivers or owners. Many gravitate toward other opportunities that support and grow the company business, including recruiting, bookkeeping and freight management, to name a few. It is becoming even more clear that as women move into transportation, their talents are needed and welcomed in the industry.

There is No Better Time to Be in Transportation than Right Now

You are empowered to leverage your skills and build a successful career in a field once dominated by men. The opportunity is real, and you and your skills are needed immediately.

It’s also important to know that ES offers opportunity for anyone looking to enter transportation without regard to gender, race or creed. We provide opportunity and support programs to help you succeed at your level of choice. It’s what we do every day!

Information for Women Interested in Expediting

Advantages offered by Expediting

1Expediting has a number of advantages over TL and LTL trucking that helps women integrate quickly in order to create income and a successful career track, including:

  • You can enter Expediting with a Class B license and learn on-the-job

  • A family member can teach you the ropes

  • You can advance your career trajectory by qualifying for credentials, such as HazMat, Passport, and DOD certifications, creating career-long enhanced income opportunities

  • 99% no touch freight

And that’s not all. Expediting also has definite lifestyle advantages, including:

  • All ES straight trucks feature automatic transmissions, meaning less fatigue
  • You can park a straight truck practically anywhere, enhancing your safety and lifestyle (malls, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds and much more) — you don’t have to park at truck stops or places that make you uncomfortable
  • Our straight trucks cabins are more ergonomic and comfortable — cabins and switchgear are designed with women’s needs in mind
  • You can train and partner with a spouse or whomever you choose — you’re not stuck with someone you don’t know in order to learn the business
  • More flexible working hours
  • In some respects, the rapid influx of women into trucking has left the industry somewhat unprepared. The exception to this situation is Expediter Services.
  • ES has certified diesel mechanics answering the phone 24 hours a day to handle breakdowns

1ES has in place a tried-and-true support system that allows women to enter into Expediting at their level of choice and become productive and successful almost immediately through our Circle of Success business model. In addition, ES is staffed by an experienced support team that includes a large number of women, as well as men, who understand where you are coming from and who know how to help when and where you need it.


ES Advantages

ES supports you with proven support services, including:

  • Premium Contract Driver Services
  • Path to Ownership
  • Owner Operator Program
  • Expediter Equipment Finance
  • Back office support
  • Settlement Support
  • 24-hour breakdown support
  • Maintenance Support
  • Insurance Services

ES welcomes women into transportation, and we have the expertise to help you succeed.

If you’re interested in our Contract Driver services and opportunities, please contact Kim Smith in Recruiting at 877-349-9303, ext. 121 or email her at [email protected]

If you’re interested in our industry leading Owner Operator services and opportunities, please contact April Holland, our Owner Operator Program Coordinator at 877-349-9303, ext. 106 or email her at [email protected]