For twenty years, Ruben Teodosiu has been a trucker. About eight years ago, he knew the time was right to steer his driving career into something with a better lifestyle, income potential and opportunity. In case you haven’t already guessed, he chose Expediting, and he hasn’t looked back since.
“When I first started in the business, I drove a dry unit for a couple of months for a well-known carrier. Then in September 2007, I took the opportunity to sign on with FedEx Custom Critical and became qualified for their White Glove division,” said Teodosiu.
But it wasn’t long before he realized the earning potential as the owner of a custom unit and began a dialogue with Expediter Services about future ownership opportunities. “I talked with Jeff Tacker all the way back in 2010 about ES’s Owner Operator Program. Later Jeff was promoted to Vice President of Operations and so I decided to call to congratulate him since I knew in my near future, I would be a part of their program. I knew at the time I wasn’t quite ready to make the move, but they were supportive and the knowledge I gained helped put me on the Path to Ownership. From these early conversations, I formulated a game plan. I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d own my own unit,” said Teodosiu.
Recently, the timing was right and based upon Teodosiu’s high productivity level, he purchased a custom refrigerated unit of his very own — from Expediter Services very own fleet. “When people think about a custom truck, the first things that come to mind is usually custom sleepers and other amenities. But for me, since my business revolves around FedEx Custom Critical’s White Glove service, the most important thing was that the truck is a White Glove TVAL unit. I was lucky in that regard because the truck I bought was the same TVAL unit I’ve driven since new for the past year and eight months as a Contract Driver with Expediter Services! Since the truck was slightly used, I got it for a much discounted price of a new unit. On top of that, I know the truck backwards and forwards and I felt more than comfortable with owning it. I also utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for the financing. The transaction was all so easy and I really got a great deal!”
“When it comes to owning your own truck, it’s all about timing and opportunity. My plans are to start building a fleet in the near future and I have no doubt I will be able to achieve this goal with Expediter Services supporting me. When the time comes for me to purchase another truck from Expediter Services/Expediter Truck Sales, I’ll know it.”

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