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Open to ALL Current & Prospective Expediters

Considering a Career in Expediting?

If you are an Expediter or considering becoming an Expediter, you’re in the right place. Expediter Services understands that your business is making money. And we’re here to help you achieve this goal with support programs that save you money on fuel, financing, insurance and much more, so you Never Stand Alone.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Contract Driver, Owner Operator or Fleet Owner, Expediter Services offers you the opportunity to maximize your potential at your level of choice. When you join our proven Circle of Success, we help you succeed Your way.

What to Expect at the EGG?

We feel the best way to tailor programs that support you is to get to know each other on a personal level, and that’s what the EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) is all about. We want to build relationships in order to better serve you with programs and offerings that create Opportunities to help your business grow. Our upcoming Summer EGG will offer Opportunities for Truck Financing, Truck Sales, Driving Opportunities and information about our Owner Operator Program. We hope to see you here July 24, 2015!

Agenda for EGG at The Expo – July 15, 2016

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