When selecting a contractor for a landscaping project, several issues come to mind. Quality of workmanship, knowledge of materials, follow-up, integrity and experience are just a few.

Our experience with Edison Wingate exceeded our expectations and calmed the fears one anticipates when undertaking a large project. Edison’s experience and interpersonal skills made our landscaping project all the more enjoyable.

As can be expected, all projects experience delays due to weather, scheduling, material procurement, etc. Edison’s timelines proved accurate and explanations for delay were clearly communicated.

Our experience with Edison was extremely positive, to the point where we now consider him a friend and will continue to request his input on future projects. Edison Wingate is a man of high integrity, lives up to his commitments and we highly recommend him to anyone considering landscaping projects.

Collierville, TN

We have known Edison Wingate, owner of Artistic Landscape Designs for more than ten years.  After moving to the Memphis area, we decided to make some minor and major landscape changes.  Edison prepared itemized paperwork and communicated with us in complete detail.  He demonstrates excellent customer service, is quick to respond to phone messages, and interacts in a professional manner.  We are extremely pleased with his work and have viewed other lawn/pool projects he has completed.  He was able to troubleshoot a negative backyard situation and turn it into a positive and beautiful area.  We are now able to enjoy a dry-rock creek bed, a new patio completely covered with an arbor exclusively designed by him, surrounded by lovely flowering beds.  We have received nothing but compliments from our family and friends with the work Edison has completed.  Given the high quality of his service, we can honestly say that Edison’s dedication to his work is solid.  One of the best things we like about Edison is his interaction.  He asked questions and engaged us in the design of the landscaping.  From this information, he presented several different options.  Edison is organized, efficient, notably artistic and has a passion for perfection.  We are looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

Germantown, TN

Edison Wingate of Artistic Landscape Designs helped us create our dream gardens. Working with an antiqued layout, he suggested plants, shrubs, and trees that would blend with the existing landscape but create a fresh new look. He advised us according to soil and sun conditions, even solving some irrigation and drainage problems.

Edison willingly worked with us on developing our gardens in stages; always being available for optimal planting times. His assistant was always friendly and competent too.

It has been a pleasure doing business with Artistic Landscape Designs.

Memphis, TN

Matt and I wish to thank you for all of your creative and impeccable work on our future lawn/property plans. We will be pursuing them and look forward to working with you.

Memphis, TN

When searching for a professional, we were introduced to Edison Wingate, owner of Artistic Landscape Designs, by our Financial Advisor, who recommended Edison to solve our landscaping problems. Our problems were years of landscaping that had shown few good results. Upon our first consultation with Edison, he understood our problems and suggested some creative ideas and solutions.A neglected area of the yard used as a dog run was Edison’s first challenge. His vision was to transfer this area into an outdoor seating area and shade garden concept. His solution was a covered pavilion that connected the pool area with newly created shade gardens.

Edison’s next challenge was to redesign existing problematic beds into aesthetically pleasing entry gardens. After years of trial and error, these large beds never showed appeal. His solution was to make beds smaller by incorporating a small lawn area adjacent to drive. This simple idea redefined the bed and encouraged visitors to step off the drive onto a zoysia lawn and this idea greatly reduced the maintenance.

Other solutions were drainage systems, irrigation systems, stone features, arbor entries, lighting systems, and low maintenance landscape plantings. All solutions have proven to be very thoughtful and the results were beyond all our expectations.

Germantown, TN

We discovered Artistic Landscapes in early 2007.  After several landscaping engagements with other firms, we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Edison and Artistic Landscapes.  We’ve engaged Edison to do work on three different occasions and each time we’ve been very happy with the results.  We’ve been equally happy with his responsiveness.  He listens, he guides, he does what he says he will do, and most importantly he cares about the results and our satisfactions with those results.  We’ve asked Edison to design, do stone work, plantings, and sprinklers.  We are happy with all the elements.  Living on two acres, we have lots of landscaping opportunities, and we are glad we’ve found Artistic Landscapes to work with us.

Germantown, TN

When we married in May of 2009, we knew we wanted to sell both of our houses and buy a home of our own. We also knew that we wanted to live in Collierville and find a house with a smaller yard.  We were not necessarily looking for a zero lot line but we knew we wanted “this” home when we saw everything it had to offer us.  One large selling point was the lovely backyard.  We do not have children so we did not want a yard that would require a lot of maintenance.  Edison Wingate had worked with the previous owner to turn a very small, plain area into a relaxing oasis. This area has it all!  An arbor with ceiling fan, Virginia blue stone, lush vegetation and a waterfall with a babbling brook.  All of this was too beautiful to pass up.

Edison has been by to see us since we moved in.  He did a terrific job in educating us on the plants and the maintenance of the area. We love our outdoor retreat.  It is too beautiful to call a yard.  Thank you Edison for your impeccable design and customer service.

Collierville, TN

When searching for a professional to help us with our landscaping needs for a unique business adventure, turning a 1940’s dairy barn into a bed and breakfast, Edison Wingate was selected for several reasons. Upon meeting Mr. Wingate, it was obvious that he was extremely knowledgeable and well trained in landscaping. He listened to our desires and dreams for the location, and then, using both his expertise created two plans for us to peruse. They were both wonderful, but one really spoke to us.

Mr. Wingate has a tremendous eye for beauty and is exceptionally creative in landscape design. He offers the amount of help you need from the initiation of the idea to the completion of the project.

We highly recommend Edison Wingate for your home or business landscaping needs.

Independence, Mississippi

Edison Wingate and Artistic Landscape Designs has made our backyard an oasis in Cordova! He gets the work done reasonably priced, quickly, and works with you for long term, beautiful results. He can create serenity!

Cordova, TN

We have just completed our second landscape project with Edison Wingate and Artistic Landscape Designs and we couldn’t be more pleased. The designs were creative and practical with excellent plant selection and real ease of maintenance.

In each case Edison was attentive to our ideas and mindful of our budget. We will definitely call on them again for our next project.

Germantown, TN

In 1994 we moved into a house on a two and a half acre lot with no landscaping. We were in need of big-time help. A good friend recommended a landscape architect to us; Edison Wingate of Artistic Landscape Designs.

Edison really took the time to get to know us, our tastes and ideas, and combined his expertise along with that to come up with the perfect landscape for our home. He laid out the overall plan, then we worked in stages year by year as we were ready until the plan was completed. Edison designed our pool, deck, and driveway as well as all of our trees and other plants. We are very proud of the results.

Edison takes much pride and care in the designs and plants he chooses, in handpicking them himself, and being present for the planting as his very competent crew works diligently to place everything as planned.

We have found Edison to be a true artist and very passionate about his work. We would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Collierville, TN

During a visit a year ago I asked him for a proposal to completely redo our yard in Atlanta. We discussed his plans and interest in doing out-of-town work. I was impressed by the factors he built in to insure customer satisfaction. It was still basically the work of the builder with an occasional homeowner’s addition.

He asked for a series of photos all the way around the house. He would arrange them to make a panoramic to use to develop an initial drawing. He produced a plan that featured low maintenance with shrubs and flowers that would provide color throughout the spring and summer. He expanded this proposal to include recommendations for new sod, a sprinkler system and nighttime lighting.

I contacted three major nurseries in Atlanta. Each gave me the names of independent landscape developers that they had used as sub contractors. I met with these contractors and outlined our needs to take out the old plants and sod and bring in new sod and to locate the grass, plants and other items on site for the first day of planting.
Edison contacted each of these contractors and outlined their tasks. They visited the site for a final briefing and Edison had arrived here a day early for a final on site review of the yard and visited the nurseries to check on the plants and shrubs that had been selected.

The next day was efficient and effective -the results of the briefing and instructions were reflected in the harmony of the work crews. Edison directed the placement of all plants guided by the plans that he had prepared. The following day was spent primarily in fine-tuning of the previous day’s efforts and a few substitutions were made to enhance the total effect.

The objectives of low maintenance requirements became obvious and the arrangements were also going to provide color throughout the year. The addition of lighting enhanced the plotting and location of key elements.

We have had so many compliments on our yard and it appears that our landscape improvements have inspired several to improve their landscaping.

Atlanta, GA

We came to Edison Wingate after talking to several landscapers.  Right away we knew he was the right person for the job.  We needed some major work on our sloping back yard.  He come up with a marvelous design.  He knew what we wanted before we did.  Not only was the design just what we wanted, the actual execution of the project went as easily as could be imagined.  We could always get in touch with him, and he consistently checked in to see if we were pleased.  Although we didn’t have any complaints, as the job progressed he made improvements to areas that did not meet his expectations.  He made sure our vision would become reality.

The work Edison has completed was the first phase of our project, and we wouldn’t think of letting anyone else complete our landscaping.

Nesbit, MS

We worked with Edison to landscape our entire yard last year.  Edison made the process easy for us by being incredibly flexible, and he made it fun by being so enthusiastic about the potential he saw for our space.  We presented Edison with a unique challenge–create a large patio in our backyard without sacrificing lawn space for our child to play.  We had met previously with other landscape designers who presented us with square or rectangular shaped patios that seemed to break the flow of the lawn.  Edison assured us he could find a solution, and he did.  He created an organic patio design that fitted seamlessly into the flow of the lawn.  The minute we saw the sketch we knew that it was exactly what we had wanted–we just didn’t have the creativity or design skill to figure it out for ourselves!  Edison built beautiful raised brick planters around our house that look like they were original to the house.  He also solved a serious drainage problem for us by creating a lovely dry creek bed and rerouting our unsightly downspouts underground.  His choices in plant material were well though out and we were pleased with the quality of the plants.  As an added bonus, all of Edison’s employees were delightful to work with.  My husband and I continue to marvel at what a wonderful job Edison did of listening to what we wanted, using his own creativity and design skill, and implementing everything to our great satisfaction.

Memphis, TN

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