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The Women In Trucking Association & Expediter Services Announce Program Aimed At Developing 150 Women-Owned Businesses Over Next 12 Month
During Women In Trucking’s annual fall conference, the organization announced a collaboration with the ES Network on the launch of a new program that is focused on increasing the number of transportation companies owned by women – primarily in the trucking sector. To read the details from the press release distributed by PRWeb.com, please click here.

Industry Media Coverage

Trucking Pioneer Mike Welch & His Return to Expedite
When expedited transportation pioneer Mike Welch decided to return to the industry after two years away from the action, he sought a reliable partner in Expediter Services to assist in filling his capacity needs. To read the ExpeditersOnline.com feature on Mike and his efforts with ES, please click here.

Premium Transportation Logistics Chooses Expediter Services to Provide Teams & Comprehensive Services for Entire PTL Fleet
In this ExpeditersOnline.com feature, you can read how Premium Transportation Logistics made the decision to utilize the comprehensive ES Network program to address its capacity needs in a tightening market. To read the feature story, please click here.

Working Together: All-State Express & Expediter Services – Creating Opportunities For Success & Truck Ownership
ExpeditersOnline.com details how All-State Express collaborated with Expediter Services and the ES Network to expand opportunities for ownership and address growing capacity demands. To read the feature story, please click here.

New Effort Aims to Create More Women-Owned Transportation Firms
FleetOwner.com expands on the coverage provided in the press release on the ownership program the Women In Trucking organization developed in cooperation with the ES Network. To read the coverage from FleetOwner.com, please click here.

For Women in Trucking, Retaining Just as Crucial as Recruiting
In its coverage of Women In Trucking’s annual fall conference, Transport Topics highlighted comments by ES President Jason Williams on the importance of treating professional drivers in the highest regard. To read Jason’s observations, please click here.