ES History

ES: A History of Helping to Generate Safe, Stable and Profitable Small Businesses


1From its inception, ES has worked diligently to position the company as the capacity “pipeline” for expedited freight, with the goal of providing the industry’s best carriers a permanent fleet without owning the trucks. This strategy required forging strong relationships with the premier carriers in the expedited industry. It also called upon the ES team to build a community of fleet owners, owner-operators and contract drivers who could trust that ES would stand with them and provide the support needed to position them for success in trucking, so they Never Stand Alone. As the ES model built an impressive track record within the expedited sector, the company began to explore opportunities in general trucking that called upon the same principles of offering true truck ownership with real support that ES was founded upon.

never stand alongThroughout its history, ES has worked to develop innovative solutions to help create access to opportunities in trucking focused on making your business more successful. Our growth as a company has often been evolutionary in nature, but the results of our efforts have sparked a revolution within expediting that has also carried over within the general trucking market. As you’ll see in the ES Company Timeline, ES has worked tirelessly to serve the needs of people looking to create a better life for themselves and their families. We hope to continue to open the doors of opportunity as we help to position the members of the ES Community for Success In Trucking.

Our History of Growth and Achievement


12019: ES announces the company’s plan present the Success In Trucking Expo (SITE). The inaugural expo will be held June 7-8 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Complex. Powered by the company’s proven track record and expertise, ES is committed to making the SITE a valuable and impactful annual event for professional drivers seeking opportunities in truck ownership. In addition, the event will also be focused on helping owner-operators and fleet owners upgrade and/or grow. Learn more and register.

12018: The 150 Business Challenge reaches the halfway mark seeing 75 new trucking start-ups generated within the program. The growth of the program during its first year earned tremendous respect within the trucking industry, as the 150 Business Challenge has become a proven platform that offers accessible financing as well as operational and business support for women who have an interest in a career path within the trucking industry.

12017: ES partners with the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) to develop the 150 Business Challenge, a collaborative initiative between ES and WIT to create 150 women-owned businesses in transportation. The 150 Business Challenge follows the proven working model that ES utilizes in offering truck ownership opportunities and assisting the program participants in establishing profitable small businesses through a variety of support mechanisms found within the ES Community.

12016: ES expands its presence in the general trucking market through the initial release of the website. By applying the same principles to general trucking that had propelled ES to become the leading provider of capacity to the expedited market, the company broadened its scope to offer ownership opportunities and programs that have been specifically tailored to the needs of tractor-based markets within general trucking. One of the byproducts from the growth ES has seen in general trucking has been the interest by some fleets to move away from lease-purchase platforms as well as consider the possibility of a fleet conversion to owner-operators utilizing the advantages offered through ES.


2016: ES established a Women In Expediting program within the ES Community. The effort was quickly recognized and endorsed by the leadership of the Women In Trucking Association. The organization was so impressed, in fact, by the commitment of ES to create a path to ownership specifically designed to bring more women into the trucking industry that Women In Trucking invited ES President Jason Williams to become a member of its Board of Directors.

12015: With lease-purchase programs continuing to produce incredibly high failure rates across the trucking industry, ES introduced the Much Better Alternative (MBA) program, which focused on reaching out to lease-purchase participants to show those contractors and others in the industry that ES could offer true ownership with full support – a much better alternative to the traditional lease-purchase program. The MBA was initially launched in the expedited market, but, as ES began expanding its scope, the MBA has continued to grow in popularity within the general trucking market.

expediter group gathering logo2013: The ES Group Gathering (the EGG) became one of the earliest coordinated face-to-face efforts by the company, utilizing an event format to present the range of opportunities available through ES. While the EGG has grown in size and scope since its inception and initial focus on expediting, these events helped to highlight several underserved markets, including women and minorities looking for ownership opportunities within the trucking industry.

12012: ES Insurance Services was developed to assist contractors by offering fleet-rate pricing for individually- owned units. ES Insurance Services has developed a number of unique and propriety coverages that are specifically designed to address the needs of the trucking industry. This program has been proven to be the low-cost provider for broad, enhanced coverages. ES Insurance Services also provides participants within the ES Community access to a healthcare grouping.

expediter management services2012: ES Management Services was established to provide independent contract drivers, owner-operators and fleet owners access to services, tools and advantages specifically designed to drive down operating costs while increasing revenues. ES Management Services offers a large and versatile toolbox focused on various aspects of the overall operation, including strategies for maximizing utilization and back-office support. ES Management Services is focused on placing those within the ES Community in the best position to succeed.

12012: ES Truck Sales was launched and today it houses the largest inventory of pre-owned straight trucks in the trucking industry as well as one of the industry’s strongest dealer networks for tractors. Through utilizing the services of ES Truck Sales and ES Equipment Finance, prospective buyers can review a wide inventory of equipment while being able to access the highly-competitive financing options offered through ES.

12012: As part of the company’s commitment under the Never Stand Alone market brand, ES established the Circle of Success. Designed as a business process model that could be utilized by members of the ES Community, the Circle of Success offers support to professionals to help a range of experience levels within the trucking industry. The Circle of Success has programs specifically designed for new drivers, experienced drivers, fleet owners and owner-operators.

12012: The Path To Ownership (PTO) program has become one of the most unique offerings in today’s trucking market. Introduced in 2012, the PTO provides true truck ownership opportunities for professional drivers at all experience levels as well as at all stages of a driver’s career. ES is committed to assisting you in finding the opportunity that offers the best fit for a driver’s experience level. Along the way, ES is dedicated to supporting professionals in reaching their growth goals as contract drivers, owner-operators and fleet owners.

expediter equipment finance2011: ES Equipment Finance was established to provide a comprehensive and beneficial financing
platform available to those participating in the ES Community. ES Equipment Finance has developed a unique credit box that emphasizes work history and experience in a known, proven carrier environment. ES Equipment Finance is able to successfully work with first-time buyers, non-home owners and applicants with little or no credit history.

weis cascadia2010: ES has always worked to serve as an advocate for the independent contract drivers and owner-operators who became part of a growing ES Community. Within the company’s first five years of operations, ES had positioned itself to be able to offer services and platforms that independent contract drivers and owner-operators could utilize to benefit their small business operations. These programs were developed under the market brand of “Never Stand Alone.”

es original logo2006: Expediter Services, LLC officially started operations in May with five units. Implementing an aggressive growth strategy to solidify relationships, the company grew its fleet by 2,400 percent to 125 units from inception through October of 2007.