Finance FAQs

Can ES Equipment Finance help a non-home owner?

Yes. ES Equipment Finance may be the only commercial lender in the country that will finance a first time buyer and non-home owner without a substantial (25 percent or more) down payment.

Do you have programs to help some with credit issues?

Yes. ES Equipment Finance will utilize your previous work history to assist in overcoming credit issues.

Are there automatic disqualifiers?

Yes. We cannot finance for someone who has current tax liens, is going through bankruptcy, or has an unsatisfied judgment against them.

If I have filed for bankruptcy in the past am I automatically disqualified for financing?

No. Every situation is different and we’d love to try to help you.

What kind of down payment will be required?

It depends. Everyone’s deal is different and we will need to look at each deal to answer this question.

What kind of interest rate will I be charged?

It depends. Interest rate is directly related to the risk of a deal and especially down payment. We will have to answer this question on a case by case basis, but all of our rates are competitive bank rates.

Who do I call to get started?

Contact Danny Vernon 877-349-9303 ext. 120