Team Advantages

Expedited Team Operations: The Road To Great Success In Trucking

No matter the size of the fleet and at every level of trucking, success is most often dependent upon the number of miles driven during the hours allowed under the regulations governing the industry. Team operations – complete with sleeper cabs – offer the greatest potential for the realization of revenue miles. Think about it: In any given 24-hour period, a team operation practically has double the earning capacity of trucks driven by solos.

Team operations have become a vital resource in keeping the supply chain moving at maximum efficiency. Assembly lines in a variety of industries will come to a halt without the use of time-definite team service. Then there’s the e-commerce revolution of ordering products today and seeing them delivered tomorrow. Over the past decade, ES has become part of the firewall that ensures the supply chain never stops with expedited deliveries that are moved on time with reliable and safe service. We have the experience necessary to provide teams the best opportunities for success.

Rising To The Challenge

ES specializes in working with owner-operators and fleet owners on helping to match them with expedited freight opportunities that leverage the talents of teams.

Keeping a two-person trucking operation in constant motion is one of the toughest challenges in the transportation industry, but the rewards go well beyond maximizing your earnings potential as owner-operators. In addition to achieving success as a business owner, everyone the wheel of a team truck can bask in the satisfaction that you are keeping the American supply chain moving in the most efficient manner under the tightest of time constraints.

Do you have experience working as a team? Does team transit and handling expedited, time-definite assignments sound like it’s an opportunity you would like to pursue? Do you have a current team partner or someone who is potentially interested in partnering with you?

Ready To Help You

Teams will always be in high demand, and most transportation customers have become reliant on the ability of carriers and professional drivers to keep the supply chain moving on time, every time. This is one of the main reasons that ES has placed our focus on networking with carriers specializing in expedited transportation opportunities that require team service. We find it to be the most exciting segment of the transportation landscape, and we are proud to have assisted hundreds of teams in finding Success In Trucking.

ES and the Success In Trucking team feature experts who are skilled in assisting highly efficient team operations to keep the wheels turning with revenue miles. If you are interested in learning more about rewards found in expedited team transportation, please click here.