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Real Drivers, Real Experiences, Real Results Utilizing The ES Network

SuccessInTrucking.com is proud to present this collection of observations from the experiences of professional drivers who have benefited from the ES Network and Expediter Services…

“One of the most exciting things about becoming expediters is the support we get from ES. They were able to provide us with real revenue projections of the cash flow we can produce with this truck. The information helped make us comfortable with the purchase and gave us a real goal to shoot for, which I know we can do because of our work ethic. Also, the on-going support from ES’s Owner Operator program provides us with the help we need with paperwork and settlements.  Once we got the financing in place, we signed on with Panther as our carrier. We’ve been on the road since September and haven’t stopped running since.”
__ Larry Evans

“There’s so much opportunity in Expediting. We’re talking to our son, who is twenty-five about getting his Class B license. We want to buy another truck from Expediter Truck Sales so he and a friend can earn a good income. The level of support you get from Expediter Services Owner Operator program would be so helpful for someone just starting out. The fuel card alone makes purchasing fuel so easy & efficient. It’s exciting to think about the potential for growth for all of us with help from Expediter Services.”
__ Anne Tymon

“When it comes to owning your own truck, it’s all about timing and opportunity. My plans are to start building a fleet in the near future and I have no doubt I will be able to achieve this goal with Expediter Services supporting me. When the time comes for me to purchase another truck from Expediter Services/Expediter Truck Sales, I’ll know it.”
__ Ruben Teodosiu

“I’ve found that as a woman, I get a lot of respect as a business owner and as a driver. People are always curious as to how we manage as an Expediting team and as husband and wife. I drive and do the bookkeeping, because that’s my background. We love the travel and get to visit our family around the country. I always tell women who are interested in Expediting to keep an open mind. It’s a good way to make a living and spend time with your spouse.”
__ Angie Drobneck

“I knew I wanted to stay in the trucking industry. So, I began doing research online. I found the Expediter Services website and learned about the many services they offer to both Contractors and Owner Operators. The Path To Ownership really piqued my interest, as I had always wanted to own my own truck. I contacted them to get more information. I learned that the PTO was real and that I could use my work history with ES to buy a truck. From that point on, I was onboard.”
__ Terence Paul

“As Expediters, you’re always learning. While taking our Path to Ownership, we learned that becoming Owner Operators is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. But when you find the right opportunity and the right support, you can achieve your dreams. In the future, we may purchase another truck or two and become fleet owners. But right now, we’re concentrating on doing what we do best and that’s driving — and that’s fine by us.”
__ Donna Smith