Programs for New Drivers

We Have The Perfect Starting Point For Your Career In Trucking

Are you thinking about exploring a career in the trucking industry? Did you just turn 21? Are you an empty nester? Are you retired from the military? Are you looking the right place to get your career in trucking going in the right direction? Are you looking for a starting point that will support your needs with strong business advice and allow you to grow at your own pace?

ES and the Success In Trucking team have a proven track record of success in working with new drivers who are seeking to take the next steps in the trucking industry. We have a broad carrier network and we can help you the right fit within the trucking industry. Our program features access to the resources you need and experienced support with effective strategies that can help achieve true success in trucking.

Clearing The Hurdles Of Cost To Get Started

Has the cost of going through trucking school stood as a barrier to entry into the trucking for you? SuccessInTrucking.com has programs in expedited transit that can get you seated right away with a Class B or Class A license. ES is strongly connected to carrier network in the expedited transportation sector that utilizes straight trucks. The opportunities we have available with straight trucks are ideal for drivers looking to enter the professional ranks with a Class B license. It allows you to get valuable experience and allows for an easier transition if you choose to earn your Class A CDL and drive a Class 8 tractor.

We are committed to walking with you every step of the way. We have programs in place that will allow you to test the waters with your Class B license in a straight truck. If you want to make the transition to a CDL and Class 8 tractor, we will be honored to walk with you along a proven path that can help you achieve your goals. Our overall focus is to assist in your efforts to be a successful in your career.  With ES and the Success In Trucking team, you will never stand alone!

Delivering The Support Services You Need To Be Successful

ES and the entire Success In Trucking team clearly understand how an effective support team can often be the difference between success and failure. We have built our track record and reputation in the industry through providing a strong platform for drivers to start their careers. We offer more than opportunities to get started in the industry. We offer a path for growth in your career with opportunities for ownership as well as the business support you need for success. 

While ES features excellent financing options, top-line equipment and assistance in finding profitable opportunities, the expertise and dedication of our professionals in answering questions and addressing issues behind the scenes stands as the heartbeat of our program. We are truly invested in the success of drivers and owner-operators who have placed their trust in ES. We are always poised to go the extra mile for those who seek out our help.

In addition to offering a 24-hour maintenance hotline and other traditional over-the-road support services, the ES has assembled the resources to respond to the needs of owner-operators and fleet owners, assisting them in various aspects involved in the business of trucking.

Connect With Us & Start Your Career Today!

ES and the Success In Trucking team can be the launching point for your trucking career. We are ready to help you get started. 

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