Straight Truck FAQs

Carrier Relationship:

Is ES a carrier?
No. ES is in the business of leasing equipment.
Whose Carrier Authority will I operate under?

The specific carrier that you choose to service such as, Panther Premium Logistics®, ArcBest®, Forward Air, FedEx Custom Critical, PTL, XPO Logistics, Artur Express, All State Express, Bolt Express, V3 Transportation, Harper Hotshot Trucking and SES Transport.

Approval Process:

Where do I send my application to be approved to haul freight?

To the specific carrier that you have chosen to service.

Who approves me as an Independent Contractor?
All requirement and qualifications (background, MVR & experience) are set and approved by the carrier that you chose to service.
Who is responsible for drug testing?

By law all drug testing will be conducted by the carrier that you chose to service. ES is not allowed to play a role in the initial process nor the on-going random testing.

Orientation Questions:

Whose orientation do I attend?
You will attend the orientation of the carrier that you have chosen.
How do I set an orientation date?
The date will be set by the carrier, with your approval.
What will I need to take to orientation?
Once your date has been set, the carrier will send you a package specifying what they require you to bring.

Dispatch & Safety:

Who dispatches the freight?
All freight will be dispatched by the specific carrier that you chose to service. If you have direct customers, you will need to have their freight dispatched through the carrier, so all loads will be insured.
Who accepts loads for the truck?
Your independence as a contractor will not change. You will decide when and where you want to go and what freight you want to haul.
Who collects and audits my log book?
The carrier will collect, audit and enforce all log book procedures.
Who do I report accidents to?
You must alert the carrier immediately concerning all accidents. After you alert the carrier, you must update Expediter Services as well.
What is OIC insurance?
As an independent contractor you are not covered by workman’s comp; therefore each carrier requires that you carry Occupational Insurance Coverage for work related injuries.
Who do I get my OIC Insurance through?

You have the choice to supply this yourself, go through the carrier or utilize ES program, but whatever you decide the insurance will be your personal coverage and binder.

Will I also have a personal contact at ES?

ES has the most experienced staff in the industry, and as a part of your lease agreement with ES, you will have access to them all.

Who do I contact with freight problems?
All freight issues must be handled with the carrier that you have signed on with. Each carrier will provide a number for you to call.
If I have a problem with the carrier, will ES step in to assist me?

Yes, but our role will be only to facilitate good communications. We have no authority to decide any issue between you and the carrier.

Repair & Maintenance:

Who do I call if I have truck problems?

ES will supply you with a 24 hour emergency line for all truck problems.

Am I responsible for repair and maintenance expense?

If you are leasing your equipment then payment for repairs and maintenance is covered by the lease payment to Expediter Services, which is a percentage of the revenue generated.

Financial Questions:

What are my options for gaining access to commercial equipment?

Expediter Services offers three opportunities for equipment.

  • Full Service Lease = Where your lease payment covers R&M, fuel and insurance etc.
    – This is the easiest way to get started and allows you to “try before you buy”
    – Some people like this option and never move beyond it
  • Commercial Vehicle Lease = Where the lease payment only covers the “rental” of the truck
    – Under this option the fuel, insurance and R&M are not covered by the lease payment
    – The R&M is charged through a mileage fee
  • Financing = Where you actually purchase the truck
    – You will have a monthly truck note
    – You will cover all the normal expenses involved with your daily operations
What determines the lease payment and what does it cover?

A percentage of the load revenue will be retained by ES as its fee. This fee covers truck usage, fuel, repairs and maintenance.

How do I collect on the loads I pull?

ES will collect and audit your loads to make sure 100% of the load revenue you negotiated on each load is paid by the carrier. Specified deductions (depending upon your choices of program) will be subtracted and the balance will be forwarded to you (by direct deposit, TCHEK, or comcheck).

Is there back office support available?

Yes. You will have access to the vast resources and reporting that we use to support our own business.

Does ES withhold tax?

No. As an independent contractor you are responsible for your own taxes and any reporting to all appropriate government agencies.

Why should I utilize ES’s program?

ES offers deeper discounts, more information and better support than has ever been available to an Independent Contractor in the history of our industry. Our ability to give you industry specific freight information truly sets us apart. No longer will you have to “guess” on whether-to relocate or wait for the next load, instead you will be able to make decisions based upon known factors. You will “Never Stand Alone” again.