Fleet Owner FAQs

Insurance Program:

Do I have to participate in any or all of the Insurance Program?

No. You are free to choose to participate in none, some, or all of it.

What is the Deductible Buy Back?

This insures you against the charge backs from the carrier if you have an accident while under load.

If I do not participate in the Buy Back what is required from me?

You must pay/fund the carrier’s escrows.

Do I have to participate in the Occupational Hazard Insurance?

Each carrier requires OIC coverage, but you do not have to use ours.

Why should I use your Insurance Package?

ES has leveraged its fleet size to achieve deep discounts and unprecedented coverage for you as an Owner-Operator to access.

Carrier Relationship:

Are you a carrier?

Not in the traditional sense of the word. We offer a whole new approach to the owner-operator and carrier relationship.

Who dispatches the freight?

All freight will be dispatched by the specific carrier that you chose to sign on with.

Whose name is on the truck?

The signage will match the specific carrier that you sign on with.

Whose orientation do I attend?

The carrier’s orientation is the only one that you need to attend.

What are the Driver and Equipment standards for qualification?

These are set by the carrier of your choice.

Financial Questions:

How does ES Advance on loads?

Up to 60% of the line haul upon P.O.D. of load.

Who does the carrier pay?

Carrier will pay ES on all loads hauled. Specified deductions will be made and the balance will be forwarded to you (deposited directly into your bank account).

What kind of reporting and back office support is available?

Each Owner-Operator will have access to the vast resources and reporting that are used to support ES’s own fleet. These include financial and operational reports.

What kind of deductions are there?

All expenses (including the carrier’s charges, fuel, insurance and repairs) will flow through to the Owner-Operator with no mark up.

What kind of discounts are there?

ES enjoys –and will pass on to you without markup–the industry’s deepest discounts on fuel, insurance, parts and labor.

Daily Operations:

Who handles freight problems?

The carrier. If you are not receiving the necessary help we will support you by making contact and working with the carrier as well.

Who decides which loads will be taken?

Your independence as an owner will not change. You will decide when and where you want to go and what freight you haul. ES’s part in this is to supply you with enough information so you can make the best decision possible.

How do I find freight?

ES has an extensive web based search engine that will allow you to search an area’s freight history to make sure that you’re not waiting on a load in an area that is not likely to produce one. If you don’t have access to the internet, your assigned contact in our office will pull these searches for you.

Will I have a personal contact?

Each Owner will have a personal contact assigned and available to them.

Do you have a 24 hour emergency line?


Summarize the benefits of ES’s program:

ES offers deeper discounts, more information and better support than has ever been available to an individual Owner-Operator in the history of our industry. While the monthly discounts are truly exceptional it is our ability to support you on a daily basis that sets us apart. We will help get back your time that is spent waiting in shops and layovers. No longer will you have to “guess” on whether-to relocate or wait for the next load, instead you will be able to make decisions based upon known factors. You will “Never Stand Alone” again.