EGG at the Expo 2014


It was Another Good EGG

The most recent Expedite Expo has once again proved to be a success, giving Expediter Services the opportunity to “show our wares” to the industry.  It also gave us the opportunity to present our second EGG (Expediter Group Gathering), affectionately known as the EGG at the Expo.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the EGG, here’s a quick rundown of the concept: Expediter Services’ EGG is an event that affords Expediters the opportunity to gather in order to meet others within the industry — and it gives ES the chance to get to know you personally. In addition, the EGG isn’t a “one size fits all” event. Each EGG is different, covering different topics that are important to Expediters, including Truck Sales, Financing, Support Services, and any number of services and products offered by Expediter Services. Or an EGG can simply provide a venue for everyone to get to know each other better; as with our latest EGG at the Expo.

Success Stories from the EGG — Moving Forward

The EGG at the Expo brought together an eclectic group of Expediters, each with their own unique dreams and desires for reaching their business goals. We’d like to give a shout out to several of our attendees who decided to take concrete steps, confirming they are moving forward with support from Expediter Services.

While at the EGG these attendees confirmed their plans to move forward, growing their business:
Lyn Brumfield has confirmed that he is purchasing a 2015 Cascadia ST, and will operate at Panther.
Larry Rater confirms that he is purchasing a 2012 Cascadia ST, and will operate at Panther.
Dean Shelton confirms he is purchasing three new straight trucks to operate at FXCC.