Out of a Lease Purchase and Into True Ownership

How many times as a transportation professional have you thought about truly owning your own truck and having the freedom to make your own decisions, control your own destiny and create your own opportunities? Amanda Cox and her husband Clint pondered this question after a few lease purchase experiences left them wanting more for themselves and their business. To satisfy their desire to be truck owners, the Cox’s wound up getting an MBA (Much Better Alternative) to truck finance and taking ES’s PTO (Path to Ownership). Now, they’re sharing their story with Spotlight News to help inform others that there is opportunity and true truck ownership if you know where to drive your business.

The True Desire to Become a True Owner

Once again, Spotlight News continues to report stories of contractors who pursued lease purchase agreements in the quest to achieve truck ownership. While easy to get into, lease purchases offer a false hope for true ownership due to their high payments, restrictions...

Opportunity Plus Community Equals Success in Trucking

As we’ve pointed out in numerous articles, opportunity in the field of transportation has no boundaries. The path to success and ownership is open to anyone with the desire to work hard and take advantage of opportunities such as programs and support from ES....

Amy William’s Journey into Ownership

During last November’s Women in Trucking’s Accelerate! conference in Kansas City, Ellen Voie, WIT’s President and CEO, along with Expediter Services issued a challenge to the trucking industry to create 150 women-owned businesses over the next twelve months. We are excited to announce that the challenge is being met! (Read more about the WIT/ES 150 women-owned business challenge here.)

Tonya Johnson Loves Being an Owner

When it comes to finding opportunity in the field of transportation, the path can be quite narrow without the right support. But once you find the right road, that opportunity can be as large as your dreams. Balery and Tonya Johnson are a husband and wife Expediting...